Recipes from our community: Seeking Volunteers

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Recipes from our community is a series of volunteer-led cooking workshops that was launched in February 2016. These workshops create a space where people from our community can share and exchange cooking skills.

The Roulant is seeking new volunteers that would like to share their cooking skills while co-leading a workshop in this series with the guidance of kitchen co-manager Karine. No prior experience is required.

The workshop series will begin in January 2019. 

Here is a testimonial from our volunteer Kaori on her experience as a volunteer workshop leader:


“Last March, I had the opportunity to introduce people to Japanese home cooking at Santropol Roulant. It was a great experience! I would like to thank Karine, the Kitchen Co-manager, for her warm-heartedness and leadership.

I really enjoyed the chance to introduce my cuisine and work together with a bunch of people. I chose three recipes that would allow us to make the meal together rather than just be a demonstration, so that we could gain closeness and have more fun at mealtime! Since then, I have been regularly volunteering in the kitchen for Meal-on-Wheels, in the garden and other volunteer work.

I love cooking in general but not as a professional. When I first arrived in North America, a lot of ingredients were not accessible as they are today and I had to find alternate solutions. That was probably when I started to enjoy experimenting with new dishes and creating my own recipes.”

If this opportunity interests you, please contact Karine and she will help you make it happen!

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