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On Thursday March 26, 2020, all members of the Roulant, including  volunteers, clients, donors and staff active within the last year, are invited to attend our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and cast their ballots. 

The assembly will elect new candidates to the Board of Directors of Santropol Roulant, for a 2 year mandate. Electing Board members is a significant event for the Roulant! There are FIVE POSITIONS to fill on the Board this election.

We hope that this post provides helpful information for your vote. Note that all names are presented in alphabetical order based on the first name.

Outgoing Board Members Up for Re-Election

Meet the 3 outgoing board members who have completed their 2-year term, and wish to run for re-election.

Andrianiaina Rajaobelina


  • Key words to describe yourself:  Curious, benevolent, simple, specific, rigorous
  • Key Skills: Finance, Not-for-profit and social entrepreneurship

Describe the experience or skill set you bring to the Board. 

I have a very varied experience with organisations born from innovative ideas because my profession consists of questioning their viability. Although the Roulant is an NPO, I believe that several of its activities are very innovative and that some of my skills, such as strategic and financial planning, the allocation of resources would be useful in order to maximize its impact on its members.

Describe why you are interested in a role on the Board of Directors.

Each Roulant volunteer is unique in their way of contributing. I chose to focus on the role of administrator because, in my opinion, it is the easiest way to maximize my impact on the organization because it is aligned with my key skills and my availability.

Caitlin Jenkins

Municipal court prosecutor

  • Key words to describe yourself: Dedicated, Mother, lawyer, detail-oriented, foodie
  • Key skills: Law

Describe the experience or skill set you bring to the Board.

I joined the Santropol Roulant Board of Directors in September of 2016 and have acted as the corporate secretary ever since. I believe that the strongest skill that I bring to the Board is my legal background. I have a bachelor’s in law from the University of Montreal and was admitted to the Quebec Bar in 2012. My formal training helps me in several spheres of my involvement with the board, especially in my duties as corporate secretary to ensure compliance with the organization’s by-laws. I also sit on two joint committees with the SR staff: the governance committee and the committee tasked to review the Harassment Policy to created even safer spaces. I also have pretty expansive knowledge of the Roulant’s history gained over almost 24 years as a member of this beautiful community.

Describe why you are interested in a role on the Board of Directors.

Being a member of the Santropol Roulant’s Board of Directors is currently the volunteer work that suits me best. I love being able to contribute to the evolution of the Roulant through different challenges, such as governance and strategic planning, all the while putting my legal experience to good use. I volunteered delivering meals weekly all through primary school and also regularly throughout high school. My first summer job was here, as the intergen project assistant, as it existed then, and I have helped organize many events since. Needless to say I love the Roulant as you all do. My initial desire to join the Board was to reconnect with the Roulant on a new level and use my law degree to help further the organization. Being on the Board of Directors has been an amazing experience and I have learned so much. I believe that the best way for me to serve the Roulant is to continue the work that I have started with the Board.

Jenny Loughran

Human resources advisor

  • Key words to describe yourself: Friendly, compassionate, thorough, socially-engage,  garden-lover.
  • Key skills: Human resources

Describe the experience or skill set you bring to the Board.

My experiences in human resources make me a valuable asset in administration and leadership development. My background also allowed me to provide advisory support to the organization on internal HR and salary policies.

Describe why you are interested in a role on the Board of Directors.

What I offer are administrative skills and knowledge of labor laws and standards. I think it was a great advantage in my committee work, which allowed me to contribute to Santropol Roulant at a consultative level.

New Candidates up for Election

Meet the following 7 new candidates, also running for election on the Board of Directors.

Alice Feuillet

Soil health project coordinator and assistant management advisor at Equiterre

  • Key words to describe yourself: Farmer at heart, environmentalist, empathic listener, analytical, determined
  • Key Skills: Food security, Knowledge of local and provincial government processes, Knowledge of nonprofit sector 

Describe the experience or skill set you bring to the Board.

At Equiterre, I am currently steering two committees of the board of directors. One of the committees’ mandate is to propose best governance practices to the board. The other one coordinates the strategic planning activities that will lead to a new strategic plan in 2021. As a board member, the knowledge and experience that I have developed within these committees will be a valuable contribution. I also have a good knowledge of Montreal and Quebec non-profit organizations and contacts in both sectors. Being used to coordinating government relations, I am familiar with provincial government procedures. Finally, food security has always been one of the main drivers that motivated me to work and volunteer in fields related to agriculture and food: to me, access to healthy and nutritious food cannot be separated from fair and just resource sharing, equity, kindness, and solidarity.

Describe why you are interested in a role on the Board of Directors.

I’ve been following the evolution of the Roulant since its first venture into urban agriculture at the McGill campus, it’s an organisation that truly inspires me with its mission and approach. I hope to get involved in the Board in order to learn more about the organisation’s current challenges and contribute its further development with my knowledge. I hope to share my skills and knowledge with the members of the Board, the team and members in order for the Roulant to surpass challenges and reach its desired goals. I would also love to have the opportunity to use my vast network in urban agriculture to further evolve certain projects.

Anna Zisa

Monitoring, Evaluation and Knowledge Management Advisor for One Drop Foundation

  • Key words to describe yourself: Balanced, active, reliable, analytical, problem-solver
  • Key Skills: Fundraising / Philanthropy, Food security, Not-for-profit and social entrepreneurship, Knowledge of nonprofit sector, Other

Describe the experience or skill set you bring to the Board.

I hope to contribute to the Board of Directors primarily through my enthusiasm towards Santropol Roulant. My strong interest in food security was born out of my bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and ecological agriculture. Since then, I work in philanthropy, for the One Drop foundation in Montréal which is known for its bold partnerships and innovative fundraising initiatives. Despite not working for the fundraising department, my professional experience is in a highly collaborative environment where I’m learning good governance practices every day. My job also requires me to recommend evidence-based decisions with my analytical spirit, an experience and skill that I hope to contribute to the Board. Furthermore, I am the president and administrator of the co-ownership where I live which have provided me some experience with board governance.  

Describe why you are interested in a role on the Board of Directors.

I’ve admired this non-profit since I moved to Montreal nine years ago. In the past I’ve applied for positions in urban agriculture and have been a volunteer for the vermicompost. Presently, I’m looking to contribute to the Montreal community, to a cause that I care about, all while gaining enriching professional experiences that I believe will be guaranteed within the Board of an organization as unique as Santropol Roulant. Additionally, the mission for the non-profit that I work for is abroad so I am looking to have a contribution that is also local.

Claire Aubert

Strategy consultant

  • Key words to describe yourself: Creative, enthusiastic, methodical, persistent, expressive
  • Key Skills: Not-for-profit and social entrepreneurship, Knowledge of local and provincial government processes, Knowledge of nonprofit sector

Describe the experience or skill set you bring to the Board.

As a strategy consultant, I have the opportunity to work for many not-for-profit organizations, municipalities, social companies and SMEs, most of them based in the Montreal area. Within the last year, I conducted strategic plans, business plans, organizational plans for organizations like the Centre Social d’Aide aux immigrants (CSAI), Centre Psychosocial de Richelieu-Yamaska, the town of Laval, the town of Terrebone, the firm Opaysage. I work with Boards of Directors and general directions in every mandate.  One of these projects consisted mainly in benchmarking focusing on best practices and main characteristics of the funds dedicated to social enterprises in Québec. Also, I have an edge in business development due to my previous 3 years of experience as the Quebec and Ontario business development manager for a company specialized in international trade. As a result, I know I can bring relevant experience to the board. 

Describe why you are interested in a role on the Board of Directors.

Having studied in economic development sciences, I am very interested in the added value for the neighbourhood and I think every city should have a Santropol Roulant. It even played a role in the choice of my apartment, based 5 minutes away! Plus, within the last 2 years, I have experienced diverse volunteer positions on a punctual basis at Santropol Roulant: as a cooking assistant, delivering meals, and taking care of the gardens on Roy street last summer (which was a sheer joy!). I fell in love with the atmosphere here and I dream to join the organization on a more strategic level, being able to rally my core competencies and personal values.  It would also be way more adapted to a professional agenda.

Elizabeth Hunt


  • Key words to describe yourself: Aligned, principle-driven, transparent, pragmatic, and curious.
  •    Key Skills: Knowledge of nonprofit sector 

Describe the experience or skill set you bring to the Board.

I am skilled at developing, designing and facilitating meetings, retreats, consultations, workshops, and events, using participatory processes and collective intelligence methodologies. I am skilled at curating and hosting public conversations on interesting, engaging, and challenging topics that allow participants to reflect together and share perspectives. I am skilled at creating learning spaces that welcomes each individual’s lived experience, wisdom and knowledge as well as their questionings, hesitations, and uncertainty. I am skilled at supporting groups to navigate tough questions, find their blind spots, and name their strengths. I am skilled at asking questions, identifying when actions aren’t aligned with values, and discerning possibilities. I am skilled at asking for help, finding support, and creating connections. My professional focus and ongoing personal development is around issues of collective intelligence, radical pedagogy, taking action in complex systems, understanding individual and collective power, navigating conflict, and naming the world we want. Fluently bilingual. 

Describe why you are interested in a role on the Board of Directors.

I have been an occasional volunteer and donor, and an unconditional supporter and fan of Santropol Roulant’s work and impact for 20 years. I have referred countless people to the Roulant for volunteering, jobs, and event space. I’ve long held the intention of eventually getting more involved with the Roulant. For the first time in my professional and personal life I feel that I have the time, energy and experience to contribute in a way where I can have impact at the Roulant and that would nourish both my need for meaning and learning. I appreciate the possibility of building with a team over a two-year period and working in a collective fashion.  This is also an opportunity to model for my children what it means to care about our community and be intentional with our time and energy.

Mariel Edwards-Carreau

Project Coordinator – The Yellow Door, Financial Coordinator – COOP La Maison Verte

  • Key words to describe yourself: Self motivated, planner, empathetic, green thumb, silly 
  • Key Skills: Finance, Human resources, Food security, Not-for-profit and social entrepreneurship, Knowledge of nonprofit sector 

Describe the experience or skill set you bring to the Board.

Few are more surprised than myself at how much I have developed a love and appreciation for the financial and human resource coordination of projects and programs. My professional and volunteer experience has seen me in roles related to financial, administration, operational, HR and project coordination in the non-profit, food cooperative and community sector. I have developed a keen understanding of and commitment to the non-profit sector and received training in urban agriculture and food security, and would love to bring these skills to the Board of Directors. 

Describe why you are interested in a role on the Board of Directors.

After working in various educational management/administrative positions for over a decade, I decided to take the leap and work to apply my administrative and organizational skills and talents to support and organize programming that I truly believe In. I have learned how to combine this experience with further training in project management, sustainability and urban agriculture to fight for environmental sustainability, social equity and inclusion and food security. Working in the non-profit community sector has allowed me to see the importance of a Board of Directors that is impassioned with the vision of the organization and I believe that my experience, passions and values will allow me to be able to provide support to the staff, volunteers and community members of Santropol Roulant in a way that will help you work towards your mission and create community!

Patricia Poirier

Communications Advisor, semi-retired

  • Key words to describe yourself: Enthusiastic, dynamic, energetic, communications specialist
  • Key Skills: Human resources, Fundraising / Philanthropy, Knowledge of local and provincial government processes, Knowledge of nonprofit sector 

Describe the experience or skill set you bring to the Board.

I have a long and varied experience in the field of communications and public relations which are a very important part of any philanthropic fundraising and public outreach efforts.  I was a journalist (notably, Le Devoir, le Globe and Mail), and a communications specialist, more recently. I was Director of Communications in a national human rights organization reporting to a Board of administration. As a self-employed communications specialist, I have also sat on a national board of administration and worked with a number of non-profit NGOs, mostly in the field of human rights and women’s rights.  I have a very good knowledge of government workings. Moreover I have a very good grasp of laws governing human resources, employment, non discriminationand issues relating to mobility, universal accessibility and the exploitation of the elderly, as I was communications coordinator for the Québec Human Rights Commission for five years. 

Describe why you are interested in a role on the Board of Directors.

I wish to deepen my commitment in order to help Santropol Roulant be better known and better funded.  As a kitchen volunteer (and for other special projects), I have been able to better understand the essential work of the organization to ensure food security and counter the isolation of vulnerable populations. I believe my skill sets and my experience will contribute to reinforcing the organizational capacity off the Board of Administration.  Moreover, as a semi-retired self-employed person, I have the energy and the time to devote to the mission and responsibilities entrusted to a Santropol Roulant Board Administrator.

Samson Smith

Senior Analyst, FP&A (CPA, Auditor)

  • Key words to describe yourself: Proud father and community member
  • Key Skills: Finance

Describe the experience or skill set you bring to the Board.

My financial background (CPA) has allowed me to develop my analytical skills (financially, by operationally as well). I would provide an informed and critical point of view when developing/review budget and other financial matters. 

Describe why you are interested in a role on the Board of Directors.

I want to have a positive impact on our environment, and show my little girl (and others) that we can all make a difference. I would like to help lead us towards a better future. My skill set would be best used in administrative matters.

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