Volunteer Appreciation Party!

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To celebrate our wonderful volunteer community, we are hosting a volunteer appreciation party on March 2nd. Expect delicious food straight from our catering menu, free drinks and various activities and prizes! All current, former, and future volunteers are invited to join.

When: Thursday, March 2nd, 5:30-10:00 pm
Where: 111 rue Roy east
Why: Because our volunteers are amazing!

It’s our way of saying thanks. Every year, Santropol Roulant volunteers make our programs and collectives run by contributing in the kitchen, during meal delivery, at our farm and gardens, and in a million other ways! Everything that we achieve is the result of a common effort and we couldn’t be more grateful for all the love and energy you bring through the doors of the Roulant!

Take part! We are hoping to host a little talent show, so if you have a special skill you want to share, please get in touch! We are open to anything: music, poetry, comedy, dancing, juggling, you name it! We are ideally looking for acts of about 5 minutes. Please contact Ben for more info about the talent show or to sign up. 

Check out the event on Facebook – please take a look and feel free to share. See you there!

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