Bike Repairs done outside in a park

Santrovélo is a do-it-yourself community bike shop associated with and supported by Santropol Roulant. Our mission is to empower community members and promote active transportation, cycling safety, and eco-sustainability through bike repair. Our volunteer mechanics provide knowledge and access to tools in an enthusiastic, respectful, and inclusive safe space.

SantroVélo is a place of learning, so we won’t fix your bike for you like at a regular bike shop. Instead, the volunteers will teach, guide, and support you as you learn to fix your bike and use the tools yourself.

Santrovélo operates by appointment, inside the workshop again. A proof-of-vaccination is required for clients entering. More information here.


To book an appointment, check availabilities below, fill out our pre-visit form (sent via email once booked) and we will see you here. If a form does not appear, please click this link.

Depending on volunteer availability, we are generally open Tuesday evenings and Wednesday evenings from 5:15 pm to 7:15 pm. The per visit fee is $10, or pay-what-you-can.

Our current indoor setup features a limited capacity of 2 volunteer mechanics and up to 2 clients per session.
We maintain prevention measures such as sanitation, masking, and HEPA air filtration with the additional requirement of being vaccinated for everyone inside. This means that all attendees will be asked to show proof of vaccination at the start of their appointment. For more information about our procedures, or if you would like to contact us for any reason, please email us.

DIY Services you can do

  • Flat tires
  • Broken / worn out cables and housing replacement
  • Cleaning and Lubricating the Chain
  • Replacing the chain
  • Replacing Brake Pads/adjusting brake
  • Loose pedals
  • Loose Headsets
  • Gear Indexing/drive train adjustments
  • Minor wheel truing
  • Light general tune-up/safety check + tightening of miscellaneous bolts/screws loose on the bike.
  • Adjustments of axle cones in wheel hubs.
  • Some repairs may be limited due to lack of new/used parts

Services not offered

  • We are not equipped to service disc brakes or high end road bikes.
  • Service of e-bikes

Shop Services and Parts

Clients of the workshop have the ability to buy new or used parts, use the tools, and recycle anything at the end of the session.

We currently are unable to accept bike or parts donations at the workshop.

Join us as a Volunteer

Would you like to join Santrovélo team as a volunteer and help community members fix their bikes? Then contact us by filling out this form.

Already a volunteer with us? Here are our protocols in place.

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