Our Team

The staff has the responsibility of running the day-to-day operations and ensuring that the directives and priorities identified by our members are undertaken in a meaningful way. Our team represents a mix of part-time and full-time staff with different backgrounds, ages and interests.

Everyone is a gift – first of our 9 core principles of engagement – and possess a profound desire to work towards social change in meaningful ways. Many of us started as volunteers here at the Roulant!

Photos by: Alex Tran

Anastasia Sylenko

Urban Agriculture Intern

Working with the soil, growing food for the community, hearing the gentle hum of insects… it all gives me a profound feeling of joy, gratitude, and reverence towards life and the interconnected relationships we’re a part of. I think urban agriculture is essential for building a resilient, sustainable, and socially just food system, and it’s also a source of empowerment and healing. I look forward to sharing these passions with the community and learning together. See you in the gardens!

Bahara Seif

Meals-on-Wheels Intern

Shaping bread, watering tomato plants, gathering bricks to build an oven, spending afternoons by the stove and finally sitting down and sharing the meal; food has always been a driving force of mine. Having witnessed the positive impact of community involvement and inclusion in Montreal and abroad, I am excited for this learning experience as a Meals on Wheels intern, which will allow me to work closely with a tight knit family of community members, clients and volunteers.

Ben Finkelberg

Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

I first got involved as a meals-on-wheels volunteer in the Fall of 2003 and quickly became enamored with the community atmosphere and the various opportunities to contribute to the organization. Returning to Montreal following some time away and completing a degree in social work, I jumped at the opportunity to work as the volunteer coordinator, helping others to discover the same experience I myself enjoyed years ago.

Brooke van Mossel-Forrester

Communications Coordinator

Having worked for years with international non-profits, I’m really excited to contribute to an organization that has an impact on my very own community here in Montreal. As a mother, a food-lover, an environmentalist, and an artist, I strive to help people make more informed food choices through communications, and to help strengthen our local food systems for generations to come. Santropol Roulant is at the heart of this, and it’s an honour to be a part of this dream team.

Camila Gordillo

Farmer’s Market Development Coordinator

I am passionate about the power of soil and nature in sustaining life, health and culture, which led me to get involved in justice work, and food education and production projects. My work at the Santropol Roulant’s farm last year was a true learning experience that helped me deepen these passions. This year I am excited to pursue this path even further by working at the farm, office, and markets on a quest to increase Santropol Roulant’s capacity to positively impact communities by supplying healthy and accessible food!



A few years ago, when the Roulant was located on St-Urbain, there was a little second-hand clothing department, and that was my first contact with the Roulant. I thought that the intergenerational meals-on-wheels concept was totally amazing, so I immediately signed up to become a volunteer. I did translation as a volunteer for a few years before becoming a member of the team as accountant. When I was a kid, we had a huge garden in the backyard, and growing up I realized how important it had been in my life. It makes me happy that the Roulant helps to bring a bit of garden to people’s lives. It feels really good to be able to contribute to something that has so many positive impacts on so many people!

Clémence Briand-Racine

Farm Co-Manager

I’ve always had a great appreciation for food and agriculture, fundamental source of life and culture. My education and work experience on many diversified farms and afterwards as an agronomist have brought me to view agriculture as an agroecosystem and the social relationships that it creates and maintains.

I first learnt about the farm project when it was in its initial years. I was struck by the buzz around the organisation and its ability to gather people of all ages around food and agriculture. The satisfaction of a long day of farm work, the attachment to land and the chance to share this passion with the Roulant’s community is a real source of joy! Hope to see you in the fields!

Deanna McDonald

Fundraising Administrator

I feel really lucky to have found the Roulant. You know that feeling when you find twenty dollars in the pocket of your old winter coat? I moved to Montreal only a year ago, and have been working to make a community for myself since then. The only piece that was missing: a beautiful, meaningful workplace where you’re encouraged to grow and learn. You can probably figure out where I found that (hint hint). I love community, togetherness, being cozy, great food, and cheering people on. Is it possible to experience all of those things at once? I’ll just be over here writing you a thank you card and snacking on a Roulant dessert, surrounded by lovely volunteers and co-workers while you ponder that question!

Isabelle Gervais-Chapman

Food Preservation Coordinator

Working with farm, kitchen and social entrepreneurship staff to bring new delicious local products your way is dreamy; lovely people, dirt, food, creativity, what more does one need? As a teacher turned landscape architect, I appreciate spaces and practices that sustain health and community.  I love sharing my canning, pickling and dehydrating tips, and of course hearing yours.

Jean-François Fournier

Coordinator of the Meals-on-Wheels Client Community

During the many years that I have spent working with the elderly, I have had the immense pleasure to meet inspiring people who, like the wonderful family of the Roulant, keep the values of community work and social justice close to their heart. It is a daily blessing to have the opportunity to continue my engagement and to be a part of an organisation where food, it’s collective production but above all the creation of deeply human relations have the power to change the world…one meal at a time!

Jeremie Vienneau

Kitchen Co-Manager

Last year, as a new comer to Montreal, I was looking for a place to volunteer that shared my passion for food security, food sovereignty and the right to safe a nutritious food for all. However, I did not anticipate finding a home and a community of supportive, dedicated and simply incredible people. As a continue to search for my place in the tapestry of food security action in Montreal, I am so grateful for the chance to spend my summer in the Roulant’s urban gardens helping people to discover the “growing” potential of their city.

Julien Melanson

Peri-Urban Farming Intern

Coming soon!

Karine Houde

Kitchen Co-Manager

When I arrived in Montreal in 2010, the Roulant was one of my first points of contact in the city. It was and still is for me a wonderful place where community meets food. As an avid gardener, beekeeper, cook and DIYer, I feel I have really found my place here within the Roulant community. Food and people are two of my biggest passions and I am so excited about the opportunity to bring them together through community kitchen activities for Roulant clients, volunteers and other community members. Come join me in the kitchen and share you recipes, kitchen tips and ideas for how we can use our great kitchen space!

Kateri Décary

Meals-on-Wheels Director – Maternity leave

I am a Montrealer madly in love with my hometown! During and after my studies, I particpated in several humanitarian projects abroad and realized that I wanted to take an active role in the Montreal community upon my return. I am passionnate about people, human relations, nature and food; I’ve been a bike lover since my first BMX and member of a collective garden in the Rosemont neighbourghood for the last few years. Santropol Roulant works with all these themes and more and I feel privileged to be a part of it. I spent three wonderful years as the Clients-Relations Coordinator, having amazing conversations with clients and getting to the know the incredible volunteers who make the meals-on-wheels program possible. Since the summer of 2011, I’ve had the pleasure of becoming Santropol Roulant’s new Meals-on-Wheels Director, overseeing the MoW program and maximizing its positive impact in the community.

Laurence Harnois

Peri-Urban Farming Intern

Coming soon!

Marie Bilodeau

Social Entrepreneurship and Marketing Coordinator

I am a young project manager and entrepreneur seeking a wonderful journey into the world of community run, locally made, sustainable, socially and ecologically responsible projects. Coming from the restaurant industry, food has always been the mean by which I wanted to create value and unique bounding experiences. Working at the Roulant is therefore very fitting and fulfilling for me!

As the social entrepreneur and marketing coordinator, I support the organization’s mission by offering complementary services and building stronger relationships with our clients, customers and community. Oh, and I’m the point-person if you want to rent our great communal spaces, order from our delicious catering service, acquire some of our beautiful merchandises, or, you know, just chat around a nice cup of coffee!

Marie-Anne Viau

Urban Agriculture Manager

Since starting my first collective garden over 8 years ago, I have fallen in love with urban agriculture for the many ways it allows us to reconnect to the earth even in the middle of a city. So in every place I’ve been, I’ve sown many small gardens as a volunteer. I then added beehives, which closer reflect the reality of agriculture and food autonomy. Upon finishing my Bachelor’s degree in biology in December 2017, I sought out a work environment where I could finally share this passion – and what luck. I’m happy lead the urban agriculture program connected to three urban gardens, and am excited to give our community a chance to put their hands in the soil. I want to continue to grow this beautiful agro-ecosystem that is Santropol Roulant and to expand seeds everywhere with this powerful tool that is popular education!

Nick Guenther

IT Systems Admin

Coming soon!

Pier Liné

Executive Director

Being the tall shoot on the staff team, and with my European accent, I’m easy to pick out in a crowd. In pursuit of cross-pollination, I buzzed my way throughout a few cities before settling down in Montreal, a place that grabbed me by the heart strings some time ago. Whereas at the Roulant some cultivate recipes in the kitchen or vegetables in the garden, my role centers around the faces of the Roulant and the various cogs and gears that turn in the background. I’m happy as a worker bee in the community hive that is the Roulant, and if the Roulant were a vegetable, I’d eat it at every meal! I especially love community initiatives, urban chickens, seniors and hugs… and of course, above all else, I love the Roulant (have I mentioned that already? no? yes? yes!), a place that allows us to add new feathers to our hat each and every day.

Rachel Davis

Communications Coordinator – Maternity leave

Working at the Roulant is sort of a dream job for me. When I first started volunteering here a few years ago it was for a university project. I wanted to know, why do people volunteer & what makes this place so special? In a way I am still figuring it out everyday. I am proud to work closely with all types of volunteers and I am constantly amazed by the energy that they bring!

Samuel Bergeron

Farm Co-Manager

I come from le Centre-du-Québec where I studied organic agriculture at CEGEP. Even if my favorite vegetable is the turnip, I am excited to bring some new surprise crops to the farm that were not cultivated last year. I’m pleased to teach you about vegetables you don’t know yet. Come visit me this summer at the weekly market!

Sev Rovera

Meals-on-Wheels Volunteer Coordinator

After several years working on social justice and development issues in Europe and a couple of farming experiences on the West Coast, I unpacked my suitcase in Montreal, and may even grow roots here. One of my objectives when I got to Canada was to join an organization supporting social inclusion. A poll conducted among my Montreal friends led me to knock on the Roulant’s door. Now as Volunteer Coordinator for the Meals-on-Wheels program, I feel lucky to be in a position where my values and job align. I believe everyone has a role to play and something to contribute to their community, so it is a real pleasure to work with committed and generous volunteers while fomenting an inter-generational dialogue.

Stephanie Childs

Director of Human Resources and Operations

My learning journey with the Santropol Roulant community started ten years ago with my first delivery shift. Since then, I’ve been busy getting my hands dirty in as many ways as possible, with everything from bike grease to compost to natural plaster to banana bread batter, in lots of different languages and cultures around the world. Now that I’m back home again, I’m excited about diving deep into all of the behind-the-scenes systems that enable the magic of the Roulant to come to life. At any given time, you can probably find me enjoying one of my favourite things: sunshine, dancing, or having a check in.

Tanya D’Amours

Director of Fundraising and Financial Vibrancy

I love Montreal and also love community-based initiatives that focus on reducing inequality. I knew that this was my calling. My background is in social justice and community, so the Roulant is a space where I can mix my experience, skills, and creativity into my work every day. Here I get to build relationships with funders, donors and other community members to show them why the work we do has a meaningful impact on our community. I’m also excited to plan really cool events that you should definitely attend!


IT Systems Admin

Coming soon!

Tuviere Onookome-Okome

Urban Agriculture Intern

As an environment student at McGill University, I have gained an interest in work surrounding food accessibility and availability within the urban context. I am very interested in the work Santropol Roulant is doing to provide a response to the food needs of residents in Montreal, and I jumped at the chance to work and learn from an organization whose main goal is to maintain social cohesion through the use of local, sustainable and organic food. After all, the way to the heart is through the stomach! I love how Santropol Roulant maintains a collaborative environment while achieving this goal. This summer, I am excited to learn how to improve food accessibility in Montreal through the use of urban agriculture.

Wylie Mounsey

Peri-Urban Farming Intern

Coming soon!