Our Team

The staff has the responsibility of running the day-to-day operations and ensuring that the directives and priorities identified by our members are undertaken in a meaningful way. Our team represents a mix of part-time and full-time staff with different backgrounds, ages, and interests.

Everyone is a gift – first of our 9 core principles of engagement – and possess a profound desire to work towards social change in meaningful ways. Many of us started as volunteers here at the Roulant!

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Photos by: Alex Tran and Catherine Johnston


The Roulant’s agriculture program aims to build a food system that is healthy, just, and sustainable. Our agriculture projects are designed to support local and organic agriculture while ensuring that the fruits of our labours remain accessible to all regardless of socio-economic status, level of mobility, or degree of autonomy.

Vincent Lacharité-Laframboise

Summer Farm Hand

I have spent the last few years studying the issues that affect cities and working to set up participative institutions that allow citizens to assume leadership and propose solutions adapted to their local context. The most challenging of these issues is climate change and the impacts it will have on cities and, in particular, the threat it poses to the very food systems that make their existence possible. For me, the urban and suburban agricultural model put forward by the Roulant is community-based and ecologically sustainable, and contributes to the urban resiliency and the health of the community. It will be a privilege to be able to contribute to the Roulant while at the same time diving into the universe of agriculture. 

Karine Cinq-Mars

Urban Agriculture Intern

For me, urban agriculture offers a way to connect people with community. I love cooking, I love exploring new seasonal foods and I believe that the future of eating is local. I have a background in psychology and this experience quickly grew into an interest in community psychology and the way that people inhabit space and this is why I’m continuing my studies in social work this fall. As someone who holds ecology and social justice as personal values, I often reflect on the ways that we can serve the community and allow a feeling of solidarity to flourish there. I’m excited to join Santropol Roulant for a number of reasons: my desire to have a positive effect on my environment; to participate in the movement towards food sovereignty; and to build a sense of community belonging.

Erin Conway-Brown

Summer Farm Hand

Over the past several years, I have become increasingly focused on building my knowledge surrounding food and its production. This eventually led me to work on a small scale organic farm in BC and I was instantly hooked. For me, farming hits the perfect balance between playing in the dirt while still doing challenging and rewarding work. Since moving to Montreal to return to university, (and in doing so, putting myself in an urban environment for the first time in a long time), I have been made aware of the necessity and benefits of urban agriculture. I believe farms can be so much more than just spaces to produce food – they have the ability to create a source of broadly-defined wellness for their communities. I hope to be able to contribute to this aspect of the Roulant all while growing heaps of lovely veggies.

Tess Fleet

Urban Agriculture Intern

While I grew up in the mountains of British Columbia, moving to the city in 2014 was a huge shock for me. I chose to move to Tio’tia:ke (known as Montréal) in order to simultaneously relearn French as well as pursue studies in Environment. In doing so I started to learn not only about food politics and the connections between social and environmental justice, but I found a way to reconnect with the earth within an urban environment. I am beyond excited to join the Santropol Roulant’s urban agriculture team and contribute to their wonderful community-based initiatives! I truly believe that connecting with soil and people are amongst some of the most powerful healing practices that exist.

Camille Delrieu

Summer Farm Hand

A year ago, I moved to the Plateau Mont-Royal and wanted to volunteer with an organization that works jointly in organic agriculture and with the community. I found my happiness at Santropol Roulant and more particularly by volunteering at the farm in Senneville. Whether it is cooking with others, selling farm products, meeting people who subscribe to meals, participating in activities, etc., I always come out with a deep sense of satisfaction. After graduating from university in social work in three years, I would like to combine my love of organic agriculture with my passion for community service. The Roulant is therefore the perfect place for me to continue to learn in these two subjects.

Magali Casaubon

Farm Administrative Coordinator

Originally from Mexico, I have lived in Tio’tia:ke (known as Montreal) since 2001. Growing up on a farm with two crafty parents, I had an attachment to land and art since I was a kid. Later, I got to get involved and fell in love with the food justice initiatives around the city, as well as work for various peri-urban farms. Joining the team of the Roulant is an awesome opportunity to put my heart in what I value and I can’t say how excited I am! My presence at both the Farm in Senneville and at the Roulant’s offices this season will allow me to bridge the seed-to-plate journey and connect the hearts behind it. This with our common vision to bring accessible, affordable and fresh vegetables to the Roulant’s larger community and neighbours. What a dream!

Julien Melanson

Onsite Farm Coordinator

For me, food is similar to art – it has the power to gather, inspire and transform people. My wish is to channel my efforts producing food in a way that is respectful and nurturing to the ecosystems that enable us to grow vegetables, as well as the people who consume it. The warm, creative and loving individuals that make up the Roulant’s team are what makes this work the best.

Marie-Anne Viau

Urban Agriculture Manager

Since starting my first collective garden over 8 years ago, I have fallen in love with urban agriculture for the many ways it allows us to reconnect to the earth even in the middle of a city. So in every place I’ve been, I’ve sown many small gardens as a volunteer. I then added beehives, which closer reflect the reality of agriculture and food autonomy. Upon finishing my Bachelor’s degree in biology in December 2017, I sought out a work environment where I could finally share this passion – and what luck. I’m happy lead the urban agriculture program connected to three urban gardens, and am excited to give our community a chance to put their hands in the soil. I want to continue to grow this beautiful agro-ecosystem that is Santropol Roulant and to expand seeds everywhere with this powerful tool that is popular education!


Virginie Grenier-Deschênes

Onsite Farm Coordinator

While I grew up in Québec, I fell in love with organic gardening in British Columbia. In 2015, I spent the summer learning about intensive small-scale agriculture. Following that summer, I came back to Québec to begin my studies in anthropology. Since then, I pursued my interest in gardening through urban agriculture projects in Montréal. Over the last three years, I learned about social movements and I worked in the non-profit sector. I strongly believe that social change began with bellies full of beautiful locally-grown organic produce. What I wish the most is to increase the number of veggies grown at the Roulant’s farm for those in need.


The fundraising team plans our main fundraising events, fundraising activities, manage our second floor rental, bring alive our sponsorship and corporate partnership strategy and more!

Brooke van Mossel-Forrester

Director of Fundraising (on maternity leave) 

Having worked for years with international non-profits, I’m really excited to contribute to an organization that has an impact on my very own community here in Montreal. As a mother, a food-lover, an environmentalist, and an artist, I strive to help people make more informed food choices through vibrant partnerships, and to help strengthen our local food systems for generations to come. Santropol Roulant is at the heart of this, and it’s an honour to be a part of this dream team.

Melanie Godel

Fundraising Coordinator: Events, Systems and Partnerships

Having lived and worked the last ten years on Vancouver Island, I feel privileged to be making a new home on the unceded traditional lands of the Kanien’kehá:ka Nation in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal. I am excited to leverage my experience in the non-profit arts sector and my passion for facilitating powerful community partnerships and events — from the main stage to the fringes, to my own backyard — to contribute to the incredible work and reputation of Santropol Roulant. And I am eager to share the stories and values at the heart of our work to build vibrant partnerships in this growing community. Let’s connect.

Tara Bhardwaj

Fundraising Coordinator: Government, Foundations and Individual Donors

If I were to be asked what elements make a society function at its best, I would list community and accessibility. I believe that Santropol Roulant is an embodiment of these elements through its commitment to making nutritious food accessible and sustainable. Having grown up in small Ontario farming towns, I am moved by the work being done at the Roulant not only for Montrealers but for the environment as well. I hope to bring my experience in the not-for-profit sector and community building to the table as a fundraising coordinator. It is truly an honour to be a part of the team.

Emily Brown

Fundraising administrator

Originally from the UK, I moved to Montreal in 2013. I quickly feel in love with the city, and it wasn’t long before I heard about the wonderful work being done at the Roulant. My background is in biology, and I’m excited to work for an organisation that values ecological sustainability and food security. I love the way the Roulant uses food to bring generations together and build community. I’m excited to help support the Roulant’s fundraising activities, while learning more about urban agriculture and community engagement.


The IT team provides technical support to the Roulant and improves our services.



IT Systems Admin

Coming soon!


The kitchen team prepares, develops, and packages healthy nutritious meals every day for our Meals-on-Wheels clients with the help of volunteers.

Jeremie Vienneau

Kitchen Co-Manager

When I moved to Montreal, I couldn’t have imagined all the beautiful opportunities I would find here. The Roulant’s vibrant community has captivated me from the start. I’ve played many roles and worn many hats (both literal and figurative), I’ve cut vegetables and delivered meals as a volunteer; I’ve made pickles and grown vegetables as an intern. I feel so grateful and blessed to apply cooking experience to such a stellar initiative and to work towards building a strong, local food system. When I’m not ensuring the production of 100 meals-on-wheels a day, five days a week, you might find me juggling in a park, or singing on a stage, or balancing and folding in a yoga studio. Montreal has been a place where I’ve developed my multi-faceted self.

Karine Houde

Kitchen Co-Manager

When I arrived in Montreal in 2010, the Roulant was one of my first points of contact in the city. It was and still is for me a wonderful place where community meets food. As an avid gardener, beekeeper, cook and DIYer, I feel I have really found my place here within the Roulant community. Food and people are two of my biggest passions and I am so excited about the opportunity to bring them together through community kitchen activities for Roulant clients, volunteers and other community members. Come join me in the kitchen and share you recipes, kitchen tips and ideas for how we can use our great kitchen space!

Joëlle Lavoie

Community Cook

I discovered Santropol Roulant when I arrived in Montreal in the fall of 2016. Walking the streets of my new neighbourhood, I came to wonder what was happening behind these colourful walls. Passionate about food since my teenage years, I have always seen it as the easiest way to rally people and make them happy. The mission of Santropol Roulant seduced me, and I volunteered to work in the kitchen. As a sommelier and maitre d’hotel, I have a passion for customer service and teamwork. Coming back from a year in Costa Rica, I see life quite differently. More than ever, food security for all and the protection of our environment have become some of my main concerns. As a graduate student in management and socio­cultural practices of gastronomy, I perfect my knowledge of the food industry but above all, I get to understand the multiple sociological, cultural, anthropological, ecological and economic concepts that surround it.


Our Meals-on-Wheels program is at the heart of the organization and is the core around which Santropol Roulant was built back in 1995. It responds to the increasing need for greater food security among the elderly, but also to the shared desire, as manifested by our volunteers, to build a rich and healthy social fabric.


Jean-François Fournier

Coordinator of the Meals-on-Wheels Client Community

During the many years that I have spent working with the elderly, I have had the immense pleasure to meet inspiring people who, like the wonderful family of the Roulant, keep the values of community work and social justice close to their heart. It is a daily blessing to have the opportunity to continue my engagement and to be a part of an organisation where food, it’s collective production but above all the creation of deeply human relations have the power to change the world…one meal at a time!


The volunteer coordinators play an integral role at Santropol Roulant, coordinating hundreds of weekly volunteers that support every aspect of our daily services and program activities.

Émilie Lamoureux-Sproule

Volunteer Coordination Intern

When I pass by the Roulant’s large open doors in the summer, I am struck by the feeling of community that radiates. I am passionate about connection and its power to unite and heal individuals and communities. In a world that is often harsh, the beauty of community is a well of strength.  I’ve always thought that this organization’s goal of connecting different generations through accessible, local, and healthy food (and many other great initiatives) is ingenious. I can’t wait to contribute and learn from the Roulant, alongside its amazing volunteers!

Ellen Fowler

Volunteer Program Coordinator

I have been a neighbour and a great admirer of the Roulant ever since I moved to Montreal and I am thrilled to become part of its team. Having worked with newcomers for many years, I am drawn to the Roulant’s mission to create an inclusive community in which people of all ages and walks of life are given the chance to support and nourish one another. I so look forward to getting to know all of the volunteers who work to build and strengthen this community every day. Come say hi!


The admin team supports the Roulant’s other duties and responsibilities through a variety of tasks related to organization and communication to ensure efficient operation of the office.

Jamiey Kelly

Director of Human Resources and Operations

Originally from British Columbia, I was drawn to Montreal to explore its culture and renowned collectivism, and I got more than I was bargaining for! Having worked in social and environmental justice for the past few years in and around Concordia University, I grew fond of non-profit work because it so often centers on people, both in the communities we serve, and in providing a place for staff and volunteers to learn and to grow together. The Roulant inspired me because our mission aligns with my own values. How cool is intergenerational community? My professional aspirations focus on bringing strong HR practice to the Roulant while preserving the incredible organizational culture that thrives here.


Nazmus Syed

Market and Food Accessibility Coordinator

I first learned of the Roulant during a group volunteering session in 2012 and have loved it ever since. I’ve volunteered mostly on meal deliveries until joining the Fruits défendus collective in 2015, which I continue to be a part of. These two opportunities gave me a way to learn about the challenges of food security and at the same time help to make a difference. In coordinating the market, I am excited to take on the challenge of making local, organic food accessible to people across Montreal and supporting our local producers.

Pier Liné

Executive Director

Being the tall shoot on the staff team, and with my European accent, I’m easy to pick out in a crowd. In pursuit of cross-pollination, I buzzed my way throughout a few cities before settling down in Montreal, a place that grabbed me by the heart strings some time ago. Whereas at the Roulant some cultivate recipes in the kitchen or vegetables in the garden, my role centers around the faces of the Roulant and the various cogs and gears that turn in the background. I’m happy as a worker bee in the community hive that is the Roulant, and if the Roulant were a vegetable, I’d eat it at every meal! I especially love community initiatives, urban chickens, seniors and hugs… and of course, above all else, I love the Roulant (have I mentioned that already? no? yes? yes!), a place that allows us to add new feathers to our hat each and every day.