Activities & Services

Did you know that the Roulant offers a variety of services, products and activities to the community? Not only do these activities help us achieve our mission, but many of them are autofinacing activities that provide the organization with greater financially stability and autonomy.

Over time, each of these activities came to life because of interest from community members or needs within the Roulant. Following the social entrepreneur model, they help achieve both economic and social goals and aim to increase access to healthy food, affordable space, and sharing knowledge!

By taking part in these activities and services, you support the Roulant’s mission and benefit from all they have to offer!

Kiosque Alimentaire / Friday Hang

Weekly events from June to October featuring solidarity soup kitchen, vegetable sales, volunteering and more.

Community Events

Our seasonal events contribute to neighborhood life and social inclusion for all our members throughout the year!

Bike shop

SantroVélo is a bike workshop run by volunteer mechanics who have the tools and know-how. Come and learn how to fix your bike.

Corporate Engagement Opportunities

The Roulant creates opportunities for companies wishing to contribute financially while taking part in impactful team activities.

Seed Library

The Roulant has gathered local seeds over the years to help anyone get started on their own gardening project.