A collective is a group of volunteers that is deeply involved in the community and supported by the Roulant through our physical, financial and human resources, in the development of projects related to social inclusion and food security.

The members of these collectives develop their leadership skills and initiate projects within the Roulant, all with a high level of autonomy in both management and decision-making. Check out the collectives’ pages to learn more!


Developing our cyclists’ mechanical know-how, with the help of volunteer mechanics and our open-door bike workshop.

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Working towards sustainability for beekeeping in Montreal by maintaining colonies of bees, and creating a buzz in our local community around the role of local pollinators.
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Spreading spores of knowledge to those fascinated by the microscopic world of mushrooms and their place in Montreal’s urban agriculture community.
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Fruits défendus

Facilitating the connection between fruit tree owners and volunteer harvesters, and finding new uses for forgotten urban fruit through the transformation of food.
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Tending to the Roulant’s worm friends and increasing their capacity to compost the organic waste produced in house.
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