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Contributing to Santropol Roulant means increasing access to healthy food, strengthening our local food system, and creating more opportunities for social inclusion. With the support of our community, we are using food as a vehicle to break social and economic isolation between generations, delivering five meals a week, growing, cooking, and redistributing organic produce, and hosting community events, workshops, and more.

Monthly Gifts

Monthly contributions help create sustainability for the organization and yourself. You can invest in your personal impact and engagement, as well as in the future of the Roulant.

One-time Donations

Whether you’re sharing $5 or $500, donations of every size help us strengthen community and feed Montrealers with a loss of autonomy, all while supporting sustainable agricultural systems.

Lasting Gifts

Choosing to include Santropol Roulant in your will or as the beneficiary of a trust allows you to continue to impact a community you care about, and plan for the future in a meaningful way.

The impact of your donation

  • Social Inclusion: Support services, activities, events and community workshops that bring people and generations together through food and community engagement.
  • Food Security: Deliver 100+ home-cooked, healthy meals per day, 5 days per week for people living with a loss of autonomy in Montreal, and increase access to fresh & local produce.
  • Community Engagement: Provide professional development and training experiences for hundreds of interns, volunteers and staff, and offer a setting to cultivate their leadership.

Santropol Roulant is a nationally registered Canadian charity (#140 717 414 RR 0001) and all donations over $10 are entitled to a charitable donation tax receipt. With your help, together we can weave a stronger, more vibrant, social fabric in Montreal.

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Frequently asked questions

We use Zeffy (formerly Simplyk), a 100% free donation platform funded by contributions from generous donors like you. The model is based on transparency: 100% of your donation goes to Santropol Roulant, whereas other donation platforms take a percentage.

This is why Zeffy asks for a voluntary contribution, or “tip”: to help pay the bank fees, support the operation of the platform, and allow Santropol Roulant and thousands of other non-profits to increase their impact and change the world. Thank you!

You have complete control over how much you contribute to Zeffy. On top of being 100% free for Santropol Roulant to use, here are some reasons we love Zeffy, and some reasons you may choose to support them too:

1. Zeffy sends instant tax receipts to donors.
2. Zeffy streamlines the administration and tracking of your donation, freeing up valuable Roulant staff time. 
3. Zeffy covers the bank fees of all donations made through the platform.

You have a few different options:

1. Set the tip amount to $0 and proceed with your payment online.

2. Write a cheque to Santropol Roulant.*
Mail or drop off in person to:
111 Roy Street East
Montreal, Québec
H2W 1M1

3. Pay by credit card over the phone or in person.*
Note that Credit Card payments in person or over the phone are subject to Moneris fees on Santropol Roulant’s end.

*Your tax receipt will not be automatically generated, and may take a few weeks to process by the Roulant fundraising team.

There are a few different ways monthly donors contribute, so first determine which way you give: through CanadaHelps, Zeffy, or a direct credit card payment processed by Santropol Roulant staff.

CanadaHelps (donations established before November 2019)

1. Sign into your CanadaHelps Account.
2. Once logged into your Donor Account, click “Your Monthly Donations” tab.
3. You will see a list of all the monthly donations you have set up with CanadaHelps. To edit or cancel an existing monthly donation, click the “Change” button on the same row as the charity name.
4. Once clicked, you will see all the details of that monthly donation. You can change any of the details, including the amount or recurrence date. To cancel your monthly donation, click the button at the bottom right of the page that says “Stop this payment”.

Zeffy donations

1. Activate your Zeffy Account by following the link at the top of your donation confirmation email, then create a password.
2. Login to your Zeffy Account.
3. Once logged in, you will see all your past donations under the heading “Donations”.
4. To update your credit card information, click on the credit card icon at the right.
5. To stop the donation, click on the X at the right.
6. To change the amount of the donation, you will have to stop the donation and create a new one.

Direct donations
Contact us today!

Please get in touch with Clare or Melanie from the fundraising team, who will be happy to answer your questions!

More Ways to Contribute

  • Donate A Car Canada accepts vehicle donations for Santropol Roulant and provides free towing in many areas across Canada, or you can drop off your vehicle to maximize your donation. After your vehicle donation is complete, you will receive a tax receipt and your vehicle will be recycled or sold at auction.
  • Last year alone, we received over $20,000 in securities donations. These gifts are transformational to our ability to support our community and make a big impact on our planning. If you are interested in learning more or setting up a partnership with the Roulant, please contact Pier by email or call (514) 284-9335.
  • Looking for ways to increase your company’s impact in your community? Check our our Corporate Engagement Opportunities including team-building activities!

Photo credits: Santropol Roulant, Emilie Lamothe, Maria Alnakidis