Marie’s Monthly Giving Story


Monthly donors play an important role in keeping Santropol Roulant buzzing all year long. Marie, past staff member and current monthly donor speaks on what being a monthly donor means to her.

Meet Marie Bilodeau (left), a beloved monthly donor and former staff member, whose regular contribution continues to make a difference in the life of the Roulant community.

“My monthly donation represents two meals per month for Meals-on-Wheels clients.”

She started her donation while she worked on the fundraising team in 2016-2017. “At that time, we were in the process of developing a campaign that valued support in all shapes and sizes. We were looking for small donations to support the Roulant community with the aim to demonstrate that small donations were easy, and made a big impact if many people made them”

From her experience on the team, she sees that “monthly donations are a great way to provide ongoing support to the organization, support which allows us to maintain a healthy flow of income all year long”.

Over time, Marie’s donation has come to mean different things for her. Marie continues her impact long after her departure from the staff, and her monthly donation now serves as a way for her to stay connected to the Roulant. Along with her donation, she continues to participate in Roulant events, farmer’s markets, and by sharing updates from the bi-weekly newsletter with her circle and on social media.

Photo credit: Alex Tran, 2016
“Today, my monthly donation represents a way to continue my engagement with the mission of the Roulant even after my time on the team.”

Marie’s donation shows that there are many ways that a monthly donation is meaningful, and that every little bit goes a long way, both for you and for us.

Stay engaged – Become a monthly donor!

You can create your own impact in the community today! Whether big or small, being able to count on a regular contribution is essential for the Roulant’s sustainability. It’s a smaller strain on your finances, with a massive impact in return.

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