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The Question That Got Me Thinking

Featured, Fundraising

Someone recently asked me how I wanted to be remembered, and the first thing that came to mind is “as someone who cared.” As a friend of the Roulant, you have an important impact on the food security and social inclusion of those around you, and likely care deeply about the impact of your life on others. You are a …

Thank You for Going Above and Beyond!

Featured, Fundraising

In the final month of 2022, you, our wonderful community, swooped in with astounding support and made this Santropol Roulant’s most successful campaign yet, surpassing the goal of $90,000 and raising a whopping total of $95,619. This was collected from 284 caring donors. You are what makes food security and moments of connection possible for some of Montreal’s most vulnerable …

Maximize Your Seasonal Giving Impact


With the recent launch of our Winter Campaign, where we appeal to our community to help us reach our fundraising goal of $90,000, we thought we would share some simple tips and tricks that can help make your seasonal contributions (no matter how big or small!) go the extra mile.  1. Donate your $600 tax bonus from the Québec government …

Winter Campaign: Donate to Tip the Scales


From the Plateau to Senneville, the first dusting of snow is settling over once thriving gardens and fields. Snowflakes cover the young trees that we planted this summer as part of the biodiversity project, blanket the soil from which lettuce, squash, and beets were harvested just a few weeks ago, and drift alongside the courageous Meals-on- Wheels volunteers on their …

Bequest: Is Leaving a Gift in Your Will For You?


As a member of the Roulant, we know that you radiate care for your community. Whether you are a client, a volunteer, a board member, a donor, a staff member, or you are implicated in the Roulant in multiple ways, your care fuels our mission. In a recent blog post, we explore how you can continue to give to the …

Bequests: How will you keep your love going?


You, the Roulant community, are profoundly generous in many ways. The team at Santropol Roulant has so appreciated your creativity and flexibility in supporting your community, as well as the increased understanding of the need for sustainable, mission-based funding. One of the many ways that you can financially support the Roulant in a deeply impactful way is through leaving a …

Monthly Donations: Nourishing the Roulant Year Round


Our monthly donors play an important role in keeping Santropol Roulant’s community nourished and engaged year round. If you give occasionally but are looking for a way to deepen your impact on your community, monthly donations may be perfect for you! In financially supporting the Roulant every month, you are investing in the long-term wellbeing of the organisation, and by …

What a show of support!

COVID19, Fundraising

Thank you so much! Nearly a month after the 2021 Winter Campaign ended, we are still speechless at the unprecedented wave of support from the donor community.

Multiple job offers!

Agriculture, Fundraising, Job Postings

Make an impact in your community through engaging careers in social change! The Roulant is looking for people with skills and experience in fundraising and communications, farm production and program development, and community outreach and support to contribute to an effervescent and rich community project. Leverage your creativity and relationship-building skills as a Fundraising & Communications Officer to engage with …

5 Ways to Increase Your Seasonal Giving Impact


2021 has been a year of ‘more’. More need for food security and social inclusion in our community. More meals produced and distributed by the Roulant than ever before. More expenses associated with the increased activity.  But there is more room for impact, too. With the recent launch of our Winter Campaign, where we appeal to our community to help …

Together On the Frontlines


Today, we present a special year-end message from Pier and the team to highlight the work of the Roulant community as a frontline service, after a record-breaking 2021 that continued to show us how great the need remains. Between Gratitude and Concern Laura, Mike, Floriane, and Charlie make up the administrative team of the Meals-on-Wheels. They are the most familiar …

Wish List (for Social Change) 2021


Thank you so much for your interest in contributing to the Roulant’s mission through your in-kind gifts of products, expertise or services. Although it is rare that the proposed items align perfectly with the needs of the Roulant, this type of contribution can be particularly valuable in offsetting the costs of the Roulant’s day-to-day activity or strategic growth. If you …