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The Question That Got Me Thinking

Featured, Fundraising, Planned Giving

Someone recently asked me how I wanted to be remembered, and the first thing that came to mind is “as someone who cared.” As a friend of the Roulant, you have an important impact on the food security and social inclusion of those around you, and likely care deeply about the impact of your life on others. You are a …

Bequest: Is Leaving a Gift in Your Will For You?

Fundraising, Planned Giving

As a member of the Roulant, we know that you radiate care for your community. Whether you are a client, a volunteer, a board member, a donor, a staff member, or you are implicated in the Roulant in multiple ways, your care fuels our mission. In a recent blog post, we explore how you can continue to give to the …

Bequests: How will you keep your love going?

Fundraising, Planned Giving

You, the Roulant community, are profoundly generous in many ways. The team at Santropol Roulant has so appreciated your creativity and flexibility in supporting your community, as well as the increased understanding of the need for sustainable, mission-based funding. One of the many ways that you can financially support the Roulant in a deeply impactful way is through leaving a …