Bequest: Is Leaving a Gift in Your Will For You?

Fundraising, Planned Giving

As a member of the Roulant, we know that you radiate care for your community. Whether you are a client, a volunteer, a board member, a donor, a staff member, or you are implicated in the Roulant in multiple ways, your care fuels our mission. In a recent blog post, we explore how you can continue to give to the community beyond your time on this earth by making the Roulant a beneficiary of your will. We discuss the different options available when planning how to give, as well as some of the great tax incentives.

Planned giving can seem overwhelming, but below we clarify answers to some common questions and misconceptions:

My estate is modest and it feels like I won’t have much to give. 

Bequests are left by community members in a wide range of financial situations. When all of your assets are realised, you may be surprised by what you’re able to contribute to movements for positive social change. No matter the size of your gift, your legacy will be woven into the work of the Roulant for years to come and will be deeply appreciated.

I want to know more about Santropol Roulant’s vision for positive change in the community. 

You can learn about the Roulant’s commitment to food security, social inclusion, and food systems change here, where you can also calculate your potential impact, access financial advising, and establish your gift (with an option to do so anonymously). Starting with smaller gifts to the Roulant while you’re alive is also an option that can help you to get a better feel for what the impact of your future gift will be.

Is the process of leaving a gift in my will complicated? 

Leaving a gift to Santropol Roulant in your estate can be as easy as adding a clause to your will; simply notify your notary and they can take care of adding it in. If you’re ever having trouble navigating the financial jargon that comes along with discussing planned giving, here is a helpful list with some relevant definitions.

I would love to give to Santropol Roulant, but I’ve already written my will. 

You can amend your will at any time. Adding a gift to the Roulant is as simple as letting your intentions be known to those who initially drafted your documents. If you don’t know who that is, you can use this tool to find a notary. Whether you’re making a will for the first time or looking to rework your existing will, Willful is an option of an online platform that provides simplified end-of-life planning.

Taking a proactive approach to planning your estate ensures that your wishes are honoured as well as empowers you to make decisions in celebration of the values that you hold. Your actions may even inspire similar generosity from people that you know and love, resulting in an exponential benefit for food systems change and social inclusion in your community.

Making a plan can be motivating in imagining the change that you’d like to see in the world and in deciding how you want to be a part of making it happen. Start a conversation today about how you’d like to plan your legacy.