Monthly Donations: Nourishing the Roulant Year Round


Our monthly donors play an important role in keeping Santropol Roulant’s community nourished and engaged year round. If you give occasionally but are looking for a way to deepen your impact on your community, monthly donations may be perfect for you!

In financially supporting the Roulant every month, you are investing in the long-term wellbeing of the organisation, and by extension, you and your community. Whether you consistently give $5 or $100, your support makes a difference in multiple important ways:

  • Planning for the future: Regular recurring donations support activities that run all year long. By dividing a one-time donation into multiple payments, you are helping to improve the Roulant’s capacity to grow its horizons and make more accurate projections into the future. Being able to accurately anticipate what we will be receiving from our donors is incredibly helpful.
  • Ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances: Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has become abundantly clear that the needs of the Roulant community are subject to change. Stable funding from our donors has an important impact on our ability to respond to change and helps us to avoid stressful financial situations.
  • Building a stronger community: As a monthly donor, your contribution is in continual support of the work of the Roulant. This closeness allows you to stay connected to your wonderful community, to have your voice heard in decisions that affect our organisation, to stay in the loop about the social issues the Roulant is addressing, and to play an active role in making positive social change!

Engage to the extent that makes the most sense to you; every bit helps your whole community!