Goodbye Virginie!

Agriculture, Staff

After being such a key figure of the Senneville farm since 2018, the Roulant is sending a massive thank you to Virginie Grenier-Deschênes as her path takes her on a new journey. 

Over the past five years of gorgeous vegetables, Virginie welcomed hundreds of volunteers and community members and passionately trained and taught the many farmers who joined her each season. She spearheaded many improvement projects, brought new systems, produced thousands of kilos of colourful veggies for the weekly market and CSA baskets and brought so much energy and motivation to the team each year. In 2020, she determinedly led the farm through the rough waters of the pandemic, adapting the entire basket system to accommodate Covid safety with home deliveries. Despite all the ups and downs of farming, Virginie forged on with incredible endurance, resilience and strength. Legend says she can even broadfork a 60ft bed in a speedy three minutes!

Over the years Virginie worked this land, the farm went through several vehicles, from the nifty tractor, to Bernie the truck that brought everyone through the pandemic, and as of last year, the acquisition of the new sporty four wheeler Polaris. In honor of the great Roulant farmer herself, everyone now knows this farm vehicle as the “Virginie.”

The Roulant and current farm team are incredibly grateful for the time Virginie spent this spring training the new team and transitioning and passing on all her golden knowledge and passionate love for watermelon. A massive, massive thank you to you, Virginie, for all you have contributed to the farm and Roulant community during your time here. Best wishes always and you are always welcome in our melon patch.

♥ The Roulant team