Board of Directors

Charities in Canada are governed by a voluntary Board of Directors. This group of individuals is legally responsible for overall governance. Generally speaking, this means that staff are responsible for day-to-day operations and decision making, while the Board provides leadership, direction, and oversight through, for example, the development of long-term strategic plans and organizational policies. They’re also responsible for making some of the bigger decisions such as approving the budget.

Our 9 Board Members are talented, generous, and dedicated volunteers that meet once a month. We have diverse members who each bring their experience, insights, and even expertise to help ensure that our day-to-day work stays on track as we keep an eye on future direction. To do this properly, especially in a highly collaborative organization like ours, we need to have a Board that actively engages and is ready to learn and get their hands dirty. Our Board does this beautifully and we’re lucky to have them!

Essential Responsabilities

  • Establish and hone governance framework – from bylaws, committee constitution, and budgets, to Board recruitment processes;
  • Develop long-term plan and objectives;
  • Support the organization’s financial stability through careful monitoring and even participation in fundraising;
  • Cultivate positive relationships, attend events, be spokespeople, and contribute to organizational life and culture;
  • Ensure that governance at the Roulant (including the Board) reflects our personality and aspirations;
  • Select, evaluate, and work with the Executive Director
  • If you want more info about the role of a Board, you can consult our bylaws on the publications section of our site.

Vani Jain

Board Chair – Associate Program Director at the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

I arrived in Montreal in November 2011, and it wasn’t until I began volunteering at the Roulant that this city really felt like home. Having worked in the non-profit sector for most of my career, I’ve seen many organizations try to be what the Roulant is so effortlessly: welcoming, inclusive and engaged. I currently work at the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, where I help build the capacity of community organizations and advance social causes at the system level. Outside of that, I love cooking for family and friends and going for long walks with my dog, Titi.

Marc Nisbet

Board Vice-Chair – Community credit advisor at ACEM- Financement Communautaire Responsable

With an MBA and a background in non-profit management, I am currently working with ACEM- Financement Communautaire Responsable as a community credit advisor, where I accompany low income entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and cooperatives, to find appropriate financing for their start-up, consolidation and expansion needs. I have been connected in many ways to Santropol Roulant over the past 15 years, as a volunteer, staff member, donor, and now have a parent benefiting from meals and intergenerational contacts. I am honored to be able to contribute to the governance of this vibrant organization as a member of the Board of Directors.

Suzanne Bourque

Board Treasurer – Retired and Audit consultant – CPA – CA

As a Chartered Professional Accountant, I worked for over 35 years in financial, operational and audit management. From 2007 to 2015, I held the position of Auditor General at the STM. For the next years, I would like to contribute to the mission and the challenges of Santropol Roulant, by sharing my knowledge of finance and budgets, as well as governance.

Bernie Shalinsky

Industrial Designer and Ergonomics Consultant, semi-retired

My diversified and creative background as an entrepreneur, professor, non profit administrator and volunteer in community organizations will help me understand and contribute to the goals and aspirations of the Roulant as well as the needs of the community.

For two years I have been fortunate to be a volunteer at The Roulant cooking in the kitchen and working in the rooftop garden planting and harvesting. I appreciate the love and the joy that permeates throughout the organization and I support the philosophy and the way the Roulant works. As a member of the Board I will be able to participate in the further development of this vital community group.

Caitlin Jenkins

Lawyer, L.L.B.

I think I can safely say that the Roulant and I grew up together. I volunteered weekly all through primary school and also regularly throughout high school. My first summer job was here, as the intergen project assistant, as it existed then. And I have helped organize many events since. For a couple of years, life got in the way, but a law degree and a little more life experience later, I am so excited to start this new chapter within this great organization.

Christopher Webster

Consultant & Partnerships Manager

I grew up in a family of health professionals and public officials that were active leaders in their communities. From a young age I learned the value in leadership and public service. My professional experience comes from years in finance, non-profit consulting, and marketing research. Academically, my background is in economics, public administration and governance. I admire Santropol Roulant’s dedication to learning in a community environment and the warmth with which they approach each individual. I thrive in building relationships, but I’m known as a dedicated volunteer and for my passion around civic engagement. I’m excited to contribute in a meaningful way.

Judith Colombo

Agricultural Scientist

I was raised among the chard and tomato plants of the luxurious gardens in the Ahuntsic neighborhood. Then, my father’s passion for cooking sealed my destiny of using food as a tool for social integration, for inducing positive change in our world and for encouraging sharing. My academic and professional background as an agricultural scientist and organic grower (for over 10 years) are now at the service of the Roulant in order to contribute as much as I can to its development. The warm welcome and the collaborative force of the Roulant attracted me like a bee on a flower!

Sylvain Thériault

Chairman of the board of the Association of Municipal Planners of Quebec / Urban Planner for the City of Montreal

As a Montrealer trained in urban planning and municipal management, I have nearly 25 years of practice in the public, private and non-profit sectors. As an observer of urban development in the city, I believe that our neighborhoods and communities have the potential to play a greater role in urban agriculture, while being united and inclusive. A cyclist since childhood, I believe that such a movement can rely more on active transportation in a sustainable development perspective. My involvement in the Santropol Roulant is in this spirit.

Tejaswinee Jhunjhunwala

Sustainability Consultant and Facilitator

Ever since I got involved with the Mushroom collective in 2013, the Roulant has been an organization I’ve kept very close to my heart. Everything this organization represents resonates deeply with my own values. With my background in sustainable economics, project management and finance, and my love for grassroots community organizations, I am thrilled to contribute to the Roulant. I look forward to helping the Roulant with its ongoing work of making communities in and around Montreal ever more resilient.

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    i wish them all well and we should feel fortunate to have attracted such generous caring people

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