Board of Directors

Most charities in Canada are governed by a voluntary Board of Directors. This group of individuals is legally responsible for overall governance. Generally speaking, this means that staff are responsible for day-to-day operations and decision making, while the Board provides leadership, direction, and oversight through, for example, the development of long-term strategic plans and organizational policies. They’re also responsible for making some of the bigger decisions such as approving the budget.

Our 9 Board Members are talented, generous, and dedicated volunteers that meet once a month. We have diverse members who each bring their experience, insights, and even expertise to help ensure that our day-to-day work stays on track as we keep an eye on future direction. To do this properly, especially in a highly collaborative organization like ours, we need to have a Board that actively engages and is ready to learn and get their hands dirty. Our Board does this beautifully and we’re lucky to have them!

Find out more about the different working committees on which the Board members are involved.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Establish and hone governance framework – from bylaws, committee constitution, and budgets, to Board recruitment processes;
  • Develop long-term plan and objectives;
  • Support the organization’s financial stability through careful monitoring and even participation in fundraising;
  • Cultivate positive relationships, attend events, be spokespeople, and contribute to organizational life and culture;
  • Ensure that governance at the Roulant (including the Board) reflects our personality and aspirations;
  • Select, evaluate, and work with the Executive Director
  • If you want more info about the role of a Board, you can consult our bylaws on the publications section of our site.

Alice Feuillet

Board Member – Project Manager, Équiterre

I grew up in the French Alps, spending my childhood skiing, hiking or biking. That’s when I realized how much I loved this little planet we live on. Since then, I lived in the capital of the EU, studied in the Queen City in Wwoofed in the Puffin province. Also, I studied in Environmental sciences and in Political Science. Seven years ago, I arrived in the city of Tio’tia:ke, and that’s when I first met with the Santropol Roulant, volunteering with the Fruits Défendus. I have a passion for agriculture, food, cooking and I’m currently project manager on soil health at Équiterre.

Andrianiaina Rajaobelina

Board Treasurer – Investment Associate, BDC Capital

Born and raised in Madagascar, I grew up in the countryside (Mananjary, Fandriana), where the air is pure and the food is organic and unprocessed. Agriculture was an integral part of my life since supermarkets were nonexistent at the time. The culture also conveyed respect for seniors and their integration into everyday life (we do not have CHSLDs). The values conveyed by Santropol Roulant correspond to mine, which is why I decided to get involved with the Board of Directors. Having worked in the field of finance for several years and being a CFA Charterholder, I am happy to contribute to this beautiful organization as treasurer.

Athanasios Mihou

Board Member – Urban Agriculture Entrepreneur

I grew up in my father’s garden in Montréal but had to go to Nova Scotia to discover my love for farming. After two years in the Maritimes, I returned to my beloved city and got involved in various urban agriculture, collective kitchens and food security projects. I have been able to work full time managing such initiatives for the last 9 years, touching production, distribution, and transformation in a social entrepreneurial context. In the last two years, I started teaching classes on urban agriculture at the Cégep of Victoriaville, allowing me to share my passion for local food systems. I have always loved working and collaborating with the Roulant and joining the Board of Directors is a way for me to give back to such an incredible community and inspiring organization!

Caitlin Jenkins

Board Secretary – Lawyer, L.L.B.

I think I can safely say that the Roulant and I grew up together. I volunteered weekly all through primary school and also regularly throughout high school. My first summer job was here, as the intergen project assistant, as it existed then. And I have helped organize many events since. For a couple of years, life got in the way, but a law degree and a little more life experience later, I am so excited to start this new chapter within this great organization.

Claire Aubert

Board member – Strategic & organizational development advisor, Espace Stratégies Inc

On a bike ride in july 2016, shortly after my arrival in Montreal, I came across the idyllic place of Santropol Roulant. It’s love at first sight and I started enrolling to volunteers shifts in the kitchens, while becoming a happy client of the organic baskets … and finally being one of the lucky few to take care of the gardens in Roy street. Being there, every Thursday from 4 PM, learning the foundations of gardening, felt like sheer joy and empowerment. I strongly support the mission of Santropol Roulant and am very proud to join the Board of directors, bringing my knowledge and enthousiasm for everything related to organisations development to the table.

Jenny Loughran

Board Member – Human Resources Advisor, Outil-Pac Inc.

Whether tending to my mother’s tomatoes, weeding my grandmother’s garden or picking strawberries with my friends and neighbours, gardening and agriculture have always been an important part of my family and community life. It wasn’t until I left my small hometown in Southern Ontario that I realized just how powerful a force growing and cooking food with loved ones had in shaping who I grew up to be. This is why I am thrilled to be able to use my background in Human Resources to contribute to Santropol Roulant’s mission of using food and agriculture as a tool bringing together the Montreal community.

Jon Kalina

Board Chair – Documentary film writer/director

I have been rolling with the Roulant for around fifteen years (mostly on my bike) and have a deep and lasting affection for the organization. I find it amazing that while the people who work and volunteer for the Roulant change over the years the culture and atmosphere remains the same. It is a warm, supportive place that continues to contribute in profoundly important ways to the community. If anything, it’s getting better. I am incredibly impressed with the qualifications of my fellow board members and I sincerely hope that my generalist’s background as a journalist and documentary film director will make me a valuable contributor to the board. I hope, as always, that my twin obsessions with food and travel will prove useful (or at least amusing).

Lorenzo Daieff

Board Member – Tracking organizations’ social impact

Hailing from Germany / Switzerland / France via the UK, I moved to Montréal in 2012 and to right around the corner from Santropol shortly after. Intrigued by the mysterious garden rooftop building, I stepped in one day to discover friendly faces and soon after began to volunteer, mostly in delivery (foot, bus, car – even on a bixi!). I then joined the board in 2019, having developed a profound sense of respect and enthusiasm for this rich community. In my day job, I advise organizations big and small on how to measure and structure their social impact, be it monitoring UNICEF’s education work in Western Africa, evaluating the World Food Programme’s partnership strategy, or reflecting on capacity development with community groups in Montréal. Outside of that, I love a good game of soccer, the sunny streets of the Plateau, and my office plant – the only plant that has so far survived my attempts to look after it. Thank you for stopping by and reading this, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to the board for any thoughts or questions!

Tara Bhardwaj

Board Vice Chair – Community Mobilization Manager

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