What is the Roulant?

Santropol Roulant is an intergenerational community food hub where we grow, prepare and deliver food. In doing so, we create a continuum of engaging services that help build a stronger social fabric, and increase food security and social inclusion for Montrealers.

Our Beneficiaries

While the Roulant welcomes people of all generations and walks of life, our activities and programs benefit two groups of people in particular. The exchanges between these two groups, who would not necessarily meet in everyday life, lead to enriching intergenerational ties and a stronger sense of community.



Young Montrealers

Santropol Roulant offers young Montrealers the opportunity to contribute to their community in meaningful ways. Through volunteering, attending or leading workshops, or working at the Roulant as an intern or staff member, new generations are encouraged gain experience and knowledge, share ideas and take on leadership roles in the community.





Montrealers living with a loss of autonomy

Our meals-on-wheels serves clients living with a loss of autonomy who need support to cook and access healthy food. Client-members, 80% of which are seniors, increase their food autonomy and social connections through regular meal deliveries, intergenerational events and a variety of projects and activities where clients take on various roles and levels of engagement.



Our 3 areas of impact

Food security

Santropol Roulant provides Montrealers with increased access to healthy and nutritious food. We respond to the immediate needs of our meals-on-wheels clients and give them decision making power when it comes to what they eat. Through our everyday activities, educational workshops and markets, we provide community members with opportunities to develop their skills and understanding of local food production, preparation and preservation. Our choice to grow and purchase organic and have sliding scale pricing for many of our activities and products, are practices that help us make good food more accessible.

Social Inclusion

Everyday, Santropol Roulant creates opportunities for Montrealers to have meaningful, mutually beneficial interactions, and strengthen their ties within the community. A sense of well being gained through regular social interactions can encourage further engagement and interactions in the community.

Community Engagement

Santropol Roulant offers Montrealers many ways to be involved and have an impact in the community whether it’s by making a donation, volunteering, participating in workshops and events, or becoming a staff member. They can be engaged in these activities to the degree that they seek, regularly or from time to time, as a participant or in a leadership role, and all levels of experience and skills are welcomed.

Our Activities

  • Meals-on-Wheels

    5 days a week, 52 weeks per year, the Roulant’s Meals-on-Wheels prepares, packs and delivers 100 fresh, homemade meals in 8 areas around Mount Royal, thanks to thousands of volunteers each year.

  • Food Production, preservation, and distribution

    From our gardens to the farm, the Roulant’s agricultural projects aim to build healthy, just, and sustainable food systems and educate future generations, one vegetable at a time.

  • Community events 

    The Roulant regularly hosts hands-on, educational workshops and events that gather the community around themes related to food and intergenerational community building.

  • Project incubator

    The Roulant provides physical, financial and human resources to groups of volunteers who are motivated to lead collective projects related to food security and social inclusion.