Seed Library Resources

Welcome to our hub for all things seed-related!

Here you will find everything you need to know about our seed library as well as some growing information, seed saving resources we recommend, and general information to help you start growing your own food and rewild our neighbourhoods!

What is a seed library? And why do we have one at Santropol Roulant?

Seed and food species are sovereign communities of their own. Seed libraries support the maintenance of a commitment to community, human and more-than human.” (North American Food Sovereignty Alliance)

Here are Santropol Roulant, we’re taking steps to aid in the conservation of local biodiversity bu encouraging smaller-scale seed saving such as the library you can find in the lounge on 111 rue Roy Est. We are a community-oriented organization involved in urban agriculture and focused on food justice. The 2 pillars that our seed library project is built on are:

  • Increased physical and financial access to the means of food production
  • Knowledge sharing

By making this seed library free without a membership requirement, we hope to empower more people to grow their own food. Our hope is that by engaging in and experimenting with urban agriculture, people will feel less alienated from the food production process. We stand against the principles of industrial agriculture that depletes the soil, destroy crop diversity, and endanger people’s health.

Climate-Responsible seed selection

The following are some advisories as per Sovereign Seeds – Indigenous Seed Saving Network to consider when practicing seed saving.

  • What is the health and history of this seed stock?
  • What are the existing climate and regional strengths?
  • What is the time frame for days to maturation?
  • What are the temperature requirements for the seed?
  • Who is the grower? 
  • What capacity does your seed growing site have?
  • Are you ready to take properly care of seeds?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How do I take seeds out of the library?

You will find our seed library at Santropol Roulant, 111 Rue Roy Est in the lounge corner. You can’t miss it! Seeds are grouped according to their variety. Don’t hesitate to take a good look at them, there will be some you’ll be interested in! 

How does it work?

  • It’s 100% free, no membership required, no strings attached
  • No limit on how many seeds you can borrow
  • You only need to fill out the Seed Borrowing Record so we can keep track of the seeds stock
How do I donate my own seeds?

Store the seeds in a dry, sealed container or bag and label with their name and date! Then place them in the seed library with their own variety. Don’t forget to sign the record to help us keep a history of the stock. If you are not sure, don’t hesitate to ask us!

What if I want more information? Can I stop by and ask anyone?

Of course! For more information, you can come in, we have more detailed information available near the seed library, which will help you during the entire process. It will also tell you about the steps to follow for germination tests. You’re always welcome to ask the team any question!