New Faces at the Roulant

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You may have noticed a few new faces in the office lately. We are happy to welcome Samuel, Bahara and Tanya to our team, and send our warmest farewells and biggest thanks to those leaving these positions to embark on new adventures.

Tanya D’Amours joins us in the newly renamed position of Director of Fundraising and Financial Vibrancy. She brings a background in social justice and a love for community-based initiatives that focus on reducing inequality. She now puts her efforts into building relationships with partners, donors and other community members in order to demonstrate the meaningful impact of the Roulant on our community.

We are grateful for the work of Niamh, who now contributes her talents to the McConnell Foundation. She brought many great fundraising ideas and practices to the Roulant that will definitely live on in our work. With the launch of the individual monthly-donor campaign last spring, our community has new, meaningful opportunities to contribute to the Roulant.

We welcome a new Farm co-manager, Samuel Bergeron, who worked as an intern on the Senneville farm last summer. He comes from le Centre-du-Québec where he studied organic agriculture at CEGEP. Even if his favorite vegetable is the turnip, he wishes to bring some new surprise crops this year that were not cultivated last year. Come meet him at the weekly Farmers’ market this summer.

Many thanks to Adam, who invested much energy in the creation of the greenhouse last spring. This construction brought new practices to the farm, and also changed the landscape. Plants and farm team alike will now feel warm and dry inside this new greenhouse, especially during coldest days of the season. We send our best wishes for Adam’s future projects.

Joining us as the Meals-on-Wheels Intern is Bahara Seif. Having witnessed the positive impact of community involvement and inclusion in Montreal and abroad, she is excited for this learning experience, which will allow her to work closely with a tight knit family of community members, clients and volunteers.

A great big thanks to Gianhi, who worked hard to create a welcoming space for meals-on-wheels volunteers. She began the lovely tradition of sharing a snack together with volunteers after the afternoon kitchen shift. Her creative flair for decor continues to bring light and energy to the space.

Meet all the members of the team on our staff page.

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