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Tacomania for volunteers!

Events, Meals-on-Wheels

These days we celebrate the 50th edition of National Volunteer Week, taking place from April 14th to the 20th! For the occasion, the Roulant Meals-on-Wheels team invites you to our Tacomania event to celebrate the immense work that Roulant volunteers accomplish daily! This involvement is essential to the pursuit of our mission, and we are deeply grateful for all the …

What’s on the menu for 2024?


We are delighted to introduce our new calendar for 2024! It’s not just a meal schedule; it’s a tool that provides our clients with the opportunity to choose food that matches their dietary needs and restrictions, plan their meals in advance, and stay organized throughout the 52 weeks of the year! There, you can find a rotating selection of 28 …

Fond Memories of the Autumn Feast

Events, Featured, Meals-on-Wheels

On October 12th, the Roulant team hosted the Autumn Feast, a special intergenerational gathering and celebration of our community of Meals-on-Wheels clients. It was a delightful evening of laughter, delicious food, and heartfelt conversations! This event wouldn’t have been possible without the participation of our dear clients, whose smiles and camaraderie added a wonderful touch to the evening, making it …

Nachos & Volunteers: A Successful 5@7

Events, Meals-on-Wheels, Volunteering - Personal

On a sunny day in mid-August, the Meals-on-Wheels team welcomed volunteers on the Roulant rooftop for a celebratory 5@7 complete with nachos and wholesome conversations. It was a beautiful opportunity for volunteers, new and old, to meet fellow members of the community. It was also Jude’s first 5@7 as a member of the team. He had lovely reflections on the …

Sunshine on your plate for the Festive Meal

Events, Food, Kitchen, Meals-on-Wheels

As fall approaches, we want to taste warm weather, spice, and mint tea… On Friday, September 22nd, we will be serving a festive meal with Moroccan flavours to brighten your weekly meal rotation. Dear clients, make sure to get your orders in, preferably 48 hours before the date! Call us at (514) 284-9335

Our team is growing!

Agriculture, Meals-on-Wheels, Staff

As we approach the high season, Magali, Adrienne and Katherine are thrilled to introduce four new agricultural recruits on both the Urban Agriculture team and the Farm team, while an existing staff member takes two steps forward as the new head of the Meals-on-Wheels team. Read on and join us in welcoming and congratulating them all! Urban Agriculture Gardens Facilitators Gracia Badibanga (top, second from …

The Roulant at the heart of change

Agriculture, Job Postings, Kitchen, Meals-on-Wheels

Despite the chilly temperatures of the past few weeks, the transition to the new agricultural season has already begun for our various teams. With every new season comes recruitment at the Roulant! This year we are looking for talent that will help the Roulant’s mission flourish in three of our core programs: our kitchen, urban agriculture, and Meals-on-Wheels program. Community …

The 2023 Meal Calendar Is Now Available!


Whether you’re perusing the printed or the online version, the Roulant’s calendar is more than a simple schedule of meals. Above all, it’s a tool that gives clients decision-making power over their food so that what they are eating is in line with their dietary preferences and restrictions. It’s also a great tool for learning more about Santropol Roulant’s mission …

What’s Cooking in 2022!

Kitchen, Meals-on-Wheels

Every year the Roulant releases a new meal calendar, and 2022 is no different! Sprinkled with community photos and exciting new menu items, the calendar represents change for the Meals-on-Wheels clients as much as it does for our kitchen. At the heart is the desire to improve individual food security through delicious, varied, affordable meals, and to offer engaging experiences …

Fresh Ingredients All Year Long


Since 2012, the Roulant has been one of the 288 organizations supported by Moisson Montréal, the largest food bank in Quebec. The only financial exchange of this partnership is an annual share of $5 which allows the Roulant to obtain quality ingredients all year long, free of charge. As a food bank, Moisson Montréal collects donations of food and basic …