The Roulant at the heart of change

Agriculture, Job Postings, Kitchen, Meals-on-Wheels

Despite the chilly temperatures of the past few weeks, the transition to the new agricultural season has already begun for our various teams. With every new season comes recruitment at the Roulant! This year we are looking for talent that will help the Roulant’s mission flourish in three of our core programs: our kitchen, urban agriculture, and Meals-on-Wheels program.

Community Cook

The Roulant’s community cook will be responsible for engaging and coordinating volunteers, preparing meals, and ensuring compliance with health and safety standards in the kitchen. This position involves overseeing the preparation of the day’s meal, adapting recipes to the dietary restrictions of the Meals on Wheels clientele, ensuring that meals are prepared on time for the rest of the services, and ensuring that the kitchen is ready for service the next day. Work is done in collaboration with other community cooks, or under the general supervision of the Kitchen Manager.

Garden Facilitator – Apprentice

Garden facilitators will manage Santropol Roulant’s urban agricultural production sites, including the rooftop garden, the Roy Terraces and the vegetable garden at Cité-des-Hospitalières. These positions require a certain level of expertise in gardening and group facilitation, but also represent an opportunity to deepen one’s knowledge of urban agriculture under the supervision of the Urban Agriculture Program Manager

Meals-on-Wheels Manager

The Program Manager will be responsible for guiding our growing Meals-on-Wheels team. This role requires initiative, the ability to support a team and to exercise independent judgment in the execution of tasks. This role is under the supervision of the Executive Director and the Human Resources Department and may include special projects as assigned by the Executive Director.