Our team is growing!

Agriculture, Meals-on-Wheels, Staff

As we approach the high season, Magali, Adrienne and Katherine are thrilled to introduce four new agricultural recruits on both the Urban Agriculture team and the Farm team, while an existing staff member takes two steps forward as the new head of the Meals-on-Wheels team. Read on and join us in welcoming and congratulating them all!

Urban Agriculture Gardens Facilitators

Gracia Badibanga (top, second from left)

Gracia is a sociology major and food activist, who brings diverse experience from Community Gardens to the Roulant, with a thirst to learn even more about urban agriculture and how it can help fight food injustice! They have a knack for making the learning process fun and exciting, and are sure to bring some amazing creativity into our program this year.

Yolanda Watungwa (bottom row, middle)

Yolanda (or Yolie!) is joining the passionate about food security and comes to us with community outreach experience from the Loaded Ladle, a student-run food sovereignty co-operative in Halifax. It’s Yolie’s first summer in the city, and with a love of gardening, they’re excited to learn more about harvesting techniques, composting, and the medicinal properties of plants.

Farm Coordinators

Noah Fisher (bottom left)

Noah stumbled quite accidentally into farming after a visiting with his brother abroad and ending up working closely with goats and vineyards. They were deeply inspired by the sense of community and care experienced there, and now bring a wealth of experience promoting food security through local farmers markets and urban gardening projects to the Roulant community. He’s excited to continue digging roots in Montréal soil.

Frankie Traichel (top, second from right)

Since 2018, Frankie has been involved in a number of community-oriented food production projects, including in-depth work with Dr. Andrew Judge in his Indigenous foods and medicines garden. This experience opened their eyes to the importance of food sovereignty. Frankie is excited to pivot their admiration of local food security and urban educational opportunities into action this season!

Meals-on-Wheels Manager

Béatrice Daudelin

Béatrice has been an integral part of our Meals-on-Wheels team for the past year, having forged many strong ties with community partners like the Native Friendship Center of Montreal and La Maison de l’amitié, as well as with clients and volunteers. Her dedication and enthusiasm for creating welcoming opportunities for community engagement at the Roulant are inspiring, and we are beyond excited to see how her leadership and care will shape the future of the Meals-on-Wheels program.