The Roulant’s Farm

About the farm

As part of the Roulant’s mission of building a food system that is healthy, just, and sustainable, the Ferme du Roulant cultivates a 3-acre plot of agriculturally zoned and organically certified land in Senneville. The farm was co-founded in 2012 by Santropol Roulant and Howard Reitman.

This land supports the production of fresh produce for our Meals-on-Wheels kitchen program and contributes to making organic produce accessible to all, regardless of socio-economic status, level of mobility, or degree of autonomy.

In 2024, as we prepare for the construction of our new Agroeducation Center, the farm team will be putting care into regenerating the land, infrastructures and educational programming in order to best set ourselves up with the new facilities on the land opening in 2026, and as we continue to with our mission in the coming years to provide education and inspire action in people of all ages to grow food and cultivate caring communities.

In previous years, the farm grew transplants for community seedling sales, as well as grew vegetables not only for our own Meals-on-Wheels kitchen, but also to sell to hospitals, schools and other food security organizations around Montreal. However as we focus our time and energy into the regeneration of the farm program, we will be concentrating on growing seedlings for just the farm and urban agriculture gardens in order to focus on providing vegetables for our Meals-on-Wheels kitchen.


Volunteering at the Farm
While there will not be weekly farm volunteer shifts like in previous years, there will be several opportunities throughout the 2024 season to get involved! Keep an eye out in our newsletter, chalkboard at the Roulant in the Plateau, and our social media, for our four Community Work Days at the farm, as well as periodic volunteer call-outs for special projects. If you haven’t already, sign up to become a Roulant volunteer to get involved!

Where is the farm located?