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The non-stop dedication and support of the Roulant community is truly quite remarkable. Just recently, two volunteers made a contribution to the Roulant through RBC’s Make 150 Count campaign. We’d like to tell you their story.

Margarita, an employee of RBC and a Roulant volunteer, brought the RBC campaign to our attention as another great way to for a young member of our community to contribute to the work of the Roulant. The aim of “Make 150 count” is to engage youth across the country towards making a difference in their communities by giving them a $150 donation to use as they see fit. So Anton, another volunteer, offered to join the cause. His contribution through this campaign allowed us to purchase new kitchen supplies – oven mitts, peelers, plastic tupperware, a thermometer and measuring cups.

Many thanks to the two longtime volunteers who helped make this happen!

Margarita Martinez-Elizondo has been a volunteer since 2010. She has helped out as both a kitchen and meal delivery volunteer within our Meals-on-Wheels program, lending a hand whenever she can. She has also served as an ambassador of the Roulant in her role at RBC, applying regularly for funding for the Roulant via the RBC Employee Volunteer Grant Program.

Anton Schlemm has been a regular volunteer since 2014. He has helped mainly in the kitchen with prep and packaging of meals for our Meals-on-Wheels service, but has also attended several special events and has supported our work as a donor. He is an enthusiastic and dedicated volunteer whose warmth and sense of humour help create a welcoming and fun atmosphere in the kitchen every week. Watch Anton’s video below about the Make 150 Count campaign and his involvement at the Roulant.

We are so fortunate to have the help of people like Margarita and Anton. Thanks so very much to them and to RBC for their contributions!

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