Volunteers Survey Results 2020

Volunteering - Personal

Once upon a time…

…We conducted a survey in order to better understand our volunteer community.  We asked ourselves: who were these marvellous people who were giving their time to care for their community?  What made them so generous, so devoted? And what could we do to ensure that their experience at the Roulant became even more wonderful?

Friends, we found the answers to our questions.  But when the time came to share the survey results with you, the pandemic hit in all its fire and fury.  Our dear survey was lost to the sands of time.

Our team of hardworking archeologists, searching through the rubble of the time before COVID, recently discovered the results of this survey and were determined to share this valuable information with you.  The survey provides us with a snapshot of life at the Roulant before the pandemic and gives us clues to the factors that motivate our volunteers even today.  We invite you to peruse this historical artifact and to discover our extraordinary community of volunteers (a community of which you may even be a member yourself!).

A big thanks to everyone who participated in this project, and another big thank you for your patience in awaiting the results!

Ellen and the volunteer coordination team