Taking Care: Covid Updates June 2022


Taking care of  the community is at the heart of the Roulant’s actions, and as the past few years have shown us, our relationships and the nature of our interactions matter more than ever.

That’s why, in light of the encouraging sanitary situation, masks are now optional for all at the Roulant. Masks (surgical or N95) are still available any time. From the kitchen to the common areas, you are welcome with or without a mask!

However, to allow a safer space for all, we are making sure that our ventilation system is always on, and we ask that you observe the following precautions. It is required to wear a N95 mask, when:

  • You interact with clients of the Meals-on-Wheels, who remain vulnerable to the virus
  • You have any symptoms 
  • You have been in close contact with a probable or confirmed case of Covid19

However, we respect everyone’s choices, and any form of stigmatization or discrimination against any member of the community will not be welcomed or tolerated at the Roulant. By looking out for ourselves and one another from a place of care, we create a culture of accountability, maintain a spirit of care, and build a stronger community. 

Thank you for your understanding and kindness!