A Team in Rotation


Just as different plants come to fruition at different moments of the year and in different conditions, the staff at the Roulant are all at different stages of their own journeys. This includes some folks ready to transition into the next phase of their careers or personal lives, and a few going back to school. While we are sad to see them go, change makes room for others to step in with new energy, ideas and potential to blossom.

In this latest rotation in the team, join us in bidding goodbye to Julie, Kasha, Kate, Emma and Natan and thanking them for their care and their accomplishments, which have all helped the Roulant achieve its mission of a well-fed, connected and inspired community. Then, help us with the warmest welcome we can muster for the new members of the team: JJ, Cécile and Russell!

Until we meet again…

Julie St. Onge – Outgoing Kitchen Coordinator: After two years in the Roulant kitchen, Julie bids farewell to our community at the end of August to pursue a Masters degree. We are filled with pride for her incredible journey as Community Cook and Kitchen Coordinator. Her contagious laughter and culinary talent enriched the lives of clients, volunteers, and colleagues alike. As she embarks on her educational adventure at Concordia, we know she will make an even greater impact looking at ways to improve food security for all. 

Kasha Chang – Outgoing Community Cook: While Kasha’s time at the Roulant was short, she embodied community spirit through her caring and dedicated presence in the kitchen. They were a source of support and encouragement for our volunteers and we will all miss Kasha’s positive energy. We all wish her the best of luck and we can’t wait to see what great things their future holds.

Kate Reade – Outgoing Fundraising & Communications Officer: Kate is saying goodbye to the Roulant and to Montreal for the rest of 2023 as she heads Down Under to fulfill a decade-long dream of living in Australia on a working holiday. In two and half years time, Kate has brought her great curiosity and keen eye for detail to her work on the fundraising & communications team (she was also a wicked-good baker and cook… thanks for all the staff meeting snacks!) 

Emma Simon – Outgoing Fundraising & Communications Officer: Emma returns to Europe after a year as a staff at the Roulant (and as a volunteer before that) with a newly seeded passion to pursue a masters in Gender and Development Studies at the University of Sussex. Emma brought her creative flair to all things communications at the Roulant as well the her committee work, and all the dogs of the Roulant community will surely miss her pets.

Natan Sakajiri – Outgoing Farm Apprentice: From his very first day at the farm, Natan’s infectious enthusiasm and warm smile brought great energy to the farm team, to volunteers and everyone who had the chance to cross paths with him. Since the kitchen is where he first started out as a volunteer, he promises that he’ll be back there in due time! 

A Wave of Welcomes

JJ (John) Fridman – Kitchen Coordinator: JJ’s background incorporates an interesting mix of culinary experience, youth work, and sciences. After years of working in all sectors of the restaurant industry, he has been focusing on the community sector since 2018, where he feels social change is possible though food security, education, and community.

Cécile Roney – Fundraising & Communications Officer: Originally from France, and having lived and traveled widely over the past 10 years, Cécile has never felt more at home than she does in Montreal. She started volunteering at the Roulant back in January 2022, and since then has been dedicated to leveraging her corporate experience for building a community-oriented future that is essential, sustainable and inclusive.

Russell Lamey – Farm Apprentice: If you volunteered at the farm at all last year, you might remember Russell. He became deeply embedded there as a volunteer, known as part of the ‘Core 4’, on a search for meaningful work after a rough stint in the corporate world. During that summer, he learned how fulfilling agriculture and community work is and we are so lucky to have him back, this time on the team, with his first day at Rue Fermier in July and staying through until the end of September.

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