All Your Friday Hang Questions, Answered

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Did you know the Terrasses Roy are the place to be on Friday evenings? After six weeks of hosting the new Kiosque alimentaire / Friday Hang, the new Roulant initiative is gaining momentum, with more and more people showing up each week to hang out, buy vegetables & fresh eggs, enjoy a bowl of soup and share their appreciation. 

But what exactly is happening on Fridays and how can you get involved? We’re here to answer all your burning questions:

When and where is the Kiosque alimentaire / Friday Hang?

Every Friday from now until October 20, 2023 from 4:00 to 6:00 PM in the public space of the Terrasses Roy. This is located in front of the Santropol Roulant building at 111 Roy Street East.

What is it exactly?

Above all, it’s an invitation to a friendly, inclusive, and intergenerational space. Aside from hanging out, three key services are nestled under the weekly event:

  1. A soup kitchen
  2. Vegetable & egg sales
  3. Volunteer shifts.

What is the purpose?

The goal is to provide accessible food services, all while creating a better social mix in our neighbourhood and being more inclusive to people who may be experiencing situations of vulnerability. This includes people experiencing homelessness, thanks to our collaboration with Plein Milieu, an organisation that builds relationships of trust with this population by centering harm reduction, information, and prevention.

How can I participate?

There are many ways to get involved! You can take part through any combination of these things:

  1. Come and hang out. The Terrasses Roy are in full bloom, and we strive for this space to be full of life and activities that bring people together and create a welcoming community. 
  2. Check out the services on offer, from the free homemade soup to the vegetable kiosk, featuring local veggies from the Roulant Farm and fresh eggs from the Ferme coopéerative aux champs qui chantent. These veggies & eggs are for sale, including a pay-it-forward vegetable & egg bank which you can contribute to or benefit from, or pay for with the Carte Proximité.
  3. Drop in to garden with us, whether for a couple minutes or a couple hours. Anyone can join us in caring for this space and learning about the plants and vegetables grown there. No experience required! 
  4. Sign up for a volunteer shift either in the gardens or to help with the soup service by calling 514-284-9335, or signing up as new volunteer below.   
  5. Spread the word to those who might benefit from the services on offer, or appreciate hanging out.

What do you mean by “pay-it-forward” and “Carte Proximité”?

Here are some definitions:

  • Pay-it-forward vegetable & egg bank is an initiative where you can either pay extra for vegetables & eggs as a donation to the next person’s purchase, or to benefit from these donations yourself to access farm fresh vegetables & eggs for free. This is similar to the more commonly known model of paying it forward with cup of coffee.
  • Carte Proximité is a food stamps project by Carrefour solidaire CCA. Registration for the Carte proximité is closed for 2023, but you could benefit from the card next year. Consult the map to find organisations near you that distribute and accept the card.

”I so appreciated (access to the pay-it-forward vegetables) last week. I was welcomed without pretension and it made a difference in my week.” Roulant neighbour

Can I enjoy the free soup or vegetables & eggs if I am not experiencing a vulnerable situation?

Everyone is welcome and can get involved to whatever extent they choose! While the soup and solidarity vegetables & eggs are particularly aimed for folks who would benefit from the free meal, we invite everyone to reflect on their situation and decide for themselves. 

What happens to the leftover soup?

Leftovers are donated to our community partner in this project Plein Milieu.

What kinds of soup do you serve?

So far we have served minestrone, lentil, curried lentil, corn chowder and cream of broccoli. Carrot ginger soup is coming up next this Friday, August 18th. 

We hope to see you there!

– Melanie

Funded by the Government of Canada’s Community Services Recovery Fund