Calm After the Storm: Rue Fermier 2023


If we had to describe this year’s Rue Fermier in three words, we would say it was cozy, sweet, and a whirlwind. The huge thunderstorm and tornado warning on July 13 made for unexpectedly tumultuous weather, but the event happened as promised: rain-or-shine! Despite the storm, over 200 people of all ages and levels of mobility gathered in celebration of community, agriculture, good food, and Santropol Roulant’s 28th anniversary.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this year’s Rue Fermier a success! The time and energy that you all dedicate towards fostering a strong community have a positive ripple effect on local food security and social inclusion.

Check out the photos below! Our photographers, Sasha Lintern-Smith and Emma Simon, captured many beautiful moments of celebration and connection.

Photo above by Alexandre Leroux

Photos by sasha lintern-smith
Photos by Emma Simon