9 core principles of engagement

1. People as gifts

Each person who comes in contact with Santropol Roulant is seen as a whole person with many dimensions that, when given space to flourish, feed the organization’s vibrancy, capacity to innovate, and overall effectiveness.

2. Relational productivity

Creating the space and skills for healthy interpersonal and group communication are essential and highly productive aspects of organizational life.

3. Comfort with change

We embrace change and uncertainty as opportunities to learn and evolve. For a youth-run organization such as Santropol Roulant, staff and volunteer turnover are necessary and positive elements of our organizational rhythm.

4. Cultivating individual learning and organizational creativity

We value personal growth, curiosity and play as essential to Santropol Roulant’s dynamism and productivity.

5. Collaborative leadership

We strive to be deeply participatory, sharing decision-making and leadership in a way that contributes to everyone’s learning and growth while we deliver on our mission.

6. The importance of space

We pay attention to the state and arrangement of the physical space as it affects the way people relate to the organization and to each other.

7. Gravitational structuring

We invite people to involve themselves in the tasks, projects, conversations, and decisions that they are drawn to based on their own interests and curiosities.

8. Coherence

We aim to live our deepest values in all our relationships: with clients, staff, board members, volunteers, funders, partners, neighbours, etc.

9. Community building

We strive to become a living expression of the change we want to see in the world, rather than simply an instrument for that change.