Stay Connected: McGill Gardens

We are happy to now share this privilege with younger groups, who need these gardens to develop their impact just as we needed them in our time.

Ways to get involved

This summer, the Midnight Kitchen student community will cultivate the edible campus, which is a collective kitchen that distributes food for free to its community. Santropol Roulant will continue this year to mentor the campus for a smooth transition, in collaboration with McGill’s Department of Sustainability, who started a community garden for their employees with our bins! In addition, our native plant garden is now under the responsibility of the Redpath Museum in the hopes of raising awareness on biodiversity, as well as education. Another new project in relation to the Office for Students with Disabilities, is to create accessible gardens in our old spaces. There is even the Association of Chemistry,  who makes their own small gardens in partnership with other gardens, such as “Si Haut!” Thus, all the new urban gardens are born out of our old edible gardens, and are part of the urban agriculture coalition at McGill called “ROOTS”. We hope you will share our enthusiasm for this new step.

If you are interested in continuing your involvement in the McGill Edible Campus, email Midnight Kitchen at or McGill’s Sustainability Department at to find out more about other student projects in progress!