The Roulant’s Working Committees

Des macareux moines sont perchés sur une falaise de l'île aux perroquets

Since the Annual General Meeting, new people have joined the Board of Directors and committees. We want to highlight the work of the various committees and what they bring to the Roulant and to the community in general. On reading the descriptions, note that the composition of the committees is for the year 2022-2023. Without further ado, let’s enter the Roulant’s birds nest!

Best Birds Ever

Here is the board’s Continuous Improvement Committee. The committee ensures that board members are well trained and that administrative practices improved. The committee is made up of Lorenzo, Claire, Camille and Pier.

Waddling Ducks

These ducks dabble in high-profile projects for capital investment in infrastructure to improve the organization and services to the community. The committee is made up of Florence, Olivier, and Pier.

Sage Sparrows

Sparrows are everywhere, see everything and hear everything, which makes them ideal birds to oversee the governance of the organization. In addition to making sure that the Board respects its rules and improves them, they are the birds in charge of organizing the AGM in the spring. The committee is made up of Sophie, Emilie, Pier, and Melanie.

Watchful Whip-poor-wills

The whip-poor-will is a bird that can be observed in various Quebec forests and which has the particularity of making its nests and laying eggs on the ground. To protect himself, it can rely on its camouflage skills. At the Roulant, our whip-poor-wills want to protect the community by creating a safe space mainly through the safer spaces policy and by managing the cases received. This committee is mainly made up of employees, but reports to the Board of Directors. Carolina (or Pier), Charlie, Adrienne, and David are our whip-poor-wills.

Rocking Herons

On their stilts the herons touch everything related to human resources management. No detail of the remuneration policy escapes these great birds. The committee is made up of Noémie, David, Lorenzo, Carolina, and Pier.

Screaming Eagles

With keen eyes and talons ready to grab a calculator, this is the committee that oversees the sound financial management of the Roulant. The committee is made up of Florence, Pier, and Olivier.

Visionary Puffins

The Puffins of the Roulant are the visionaries of the organization. They are in charge of preparing and implementing the organization’s strategic plan. It is suspected that the committee was infiltrated by a real puffin, when it was proposed that a fifth pillar entitled “Sand eels for the community” be added to the brand new strategic plan 2020-2023. The committee is made up of Claire, Emilie, Pier, and Camille.

White Collar Egrets

Our last birds and not the least are our egrets in charge of the executive committee. Representing the Chair, the Vice-Chair, the Treasurer, the Secretary and Executive Director, it is the committee that sees to the proper functioning of the rest of the board, the committees, and of course, the Roulant in general. The committee is composed of Lorenzo (or Claire), Florence, Sophie, and Pier.

We hope that this flock will inspire you to get involved with the Roulant, or to support its projects!