Sourdough bread workshop

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Ah… making bread with just flour, water, salt. Is there something seemingly as simple and more delicious than a fresh loaf of bread? Did you know that sourdough bread keeps better, is more digest and has a lower glycemic index than regular bread? Its flavours are also more complex and unique than those of yeast breads.

  • What: Come for an introductory class, understand the inner workings of levain and learn the basic techniques. You will be shown the different stages of bread preparation and a full bake. You will take away some sourdough starter home to continue on this adventure!
  • What to bring: A small Mason jar to take home some starter.
  • When: Tuesday April 29th at 6pm
  • How much: Suggested donation is $10.

Reservation required! Contact Eddy by email to grab a spot.

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