Get Your Garden On!

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Summer has technically not showed its sunny face yet but we’ve already started playing in our gardens and that’s reason enough to say “Bye bye spring!” and “Hello summer!”

To welcome in this change we’re holding a Gardening 101 workshop for those of you looking to learn a bit about the basics of gardening and how to tend to your plants.

The workshop will cover the fundamentals of site selection, plant biology (what are their needs and how do you meet them), soil (structure, amendments, etc.), and agriculture more broadly.

  • Where: 111 Roy East
  • When: Tuesday June 17, 18:00
  • Cost: Suggested donation of $10 for Roulant volunteers and donors and $20 for new friends. No one will be refused for cost reasons.
  • The workshop will be in both English and French.

Lastly, email Carlo in advance with any topics you’d like to cover and we’ll try to tailor the workshops to the most frequently asked questions!

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