Portes ouvertes, rue Fermier: A Community Success


More than 500 neighbours, friends and new visitors flocked to the festive Roy street on July 31 for one of the Roulant’s largest events to date! They participated in workshops, tasted and voted on the appetizers of the Iron Chef competition and danced the night away. We saw a beautiful example the the unifying power of food and our shared interest in healthy local food system.

This great celebration was made possible thanks to the outstanding community we are so pleased to be a part of and we want to thank each and everyone of you:

  • Thanks to all the volunteers who gave us a precious hand in many ways;
  • Thanks to all participating restaurants, Laïka – big winner of the public’s mention! –, Aux VivresFabergé, Panthère Verte & Stéphanie Audet, who all invested time and effort in making 300 bouchées for the visitors;
  • Thanks to our sponsors Chapiteaux ClassicMOOG McAuslan;
  • Thanks to Helena Valles & Jasmine Waheed for immortalizing the event;
  • Thanks to the Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra for their contagious joie-de-vivre;
  • A special thank you to the Plateau-Mont-Royal for their collaboration in closing Roy st. for the occasion;
  • And finally, thank YOU for coming on July 31 to celebrate food, summer and community with us.

Talk of the Roulant is all over Montreal these days after a report by CTV, an article in the Gazette, and an interview by our colleagues Noémie and Isabelle at CBC. We’ve uploaded a whole gallery of photos to help you relive the magic of that evening.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of it. We can’t wait to celebrate our 20th birthday with you!

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