Plants, Bees and the City

Beekeeping Collective, Community Workshops

The Santropol Roulant Beekeeping Collective invites you to its first presentation and workshop of 2015: Plants, Bees and the City.

The hives are officially open and bees are busy scoping out their surroundings for nectar and pollen. But where do urban bees find these food sources in the city? Which plants nourish them? This workshop, hosted by the urban beekeepers of Santropol Roulant’s Beekeeping Collective, will demystify the topic of urban beekeeping and focus on pollination in the city. In order to best serve the bees, we will be discussing some of the most beneficial plants that can be grown in our gardens and on our balconies. To aid in this endeavour, you will also have the chance to learn how to make seed-bombs!

  • When: Tuesday, June 2, from 6 pm to 8 pm
  • Where: 111 Roy East
  • Cost: 10$ (suggested contribution)
  • the presentation and workshop will be bilingual

Spots are limited so we ask that you sign up in advance for this workshop. Please contact apiculture@santropolroulant.org to sign up.

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