Sourdough Bread Workshop

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Join Eddy for an introductory sourdough workshop on April 26th to understand the inner workings of sourdough and learn the basic techniques of baking your own bread.

When: Wednesday, April 26th at 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Cost: $30 or pay-what-you-can (if needed, you can contribute an amount that reflects your financial situation)

Sourdough is made with just flour, water and salt. Did you know that sourdough bread keeps better, is easier to digest and has a lower glycemic index than regular bread? Its flavours are also more complex and unique than those of regular yeast breads. Is there anything more simple and delicious than a fresh loaf of bread? Come learn!

You will be shown the different stages of bread preparation and a full bake. You will take away some sourdough starter to continue on this adventure at home.

Reservation required! Please reserve your spot in advance through Eventbrite, or in person at the Roulant. If you have any questions about the workshop, please email Isabelle.

Eventbrite - Atelier: Pain au Levain /// Sourdough Workshop

About Eddy

An occasional Roulant Meals-on-Wheels chef, Eddy has been amping up his organic sourdough bread game. He recently started a new organic company, called Breddy Boulangerie, which much to our community’s delight, delivers to the Roulant office on Wednesday afternoons. Staff has been ordering loads of 5 grain bread, and so can you!  For bread orders, contact Eddy by email.




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