Soil Ecology Workshop

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If you want to level up your gardening know-how and build healthy and resilient soils, this workshop is for you!

When: Wednesday, August 23rd, 5-6pm
Where: Santropol Roulant, 111 Roy East, Second floor*
Cost: $10-15 or pay-what-you-can. Please register in advance below.

About this workshop

Soil health is essential to healthy gardens and food security worldwide. Unfortunately, many agricultural practices tend to damage the web of life in them—as of 2006, we’ve lost a third of the world’s arable land to erosion, reducing the cropland available for food production. Though soil is fundamental to life, many do not know what lives in it or how soil can affect them.

This workshop will be facilitated by Anastasia, an urban agriculture intern at Santropol Roulant. You will gain an understanding of the microorganisms that inhabit soil (such as fungi, bacteria, and protozoa), how they affect soil structure, plants, pH, and nutrient availability, and how plant roots affect these microorganisms. The workshop will also cover successional ecology, how you can alter the soil ecosystem and encourage good soil structure, and which practices to avoid. During the hands-on component, you will learn how to do two soil tests to determine soil type.

*Please note that the second floor is not wheelchair-accessible (two flights of stairs).

Please register in advance for this workshop, as spaces are limited. If there are any questions, call Anastasia at 514-284-9335.

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