Winter Baskets With the BioLocaux

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As the cold weather sets in and the days shorten, there’s no turning back… Fall is here!

Even if it means the end of the harvest for the Roulant farm, fear not, for you will be able to receive a basket of organic and local vegetables delivered at our office all winter-long!

The farming collective Les BioLocaux will deliver their baskets as of mid November and until mid May at the Roulant office (111 rue Roy East).

Sign up for a basket here!

Les BioLocaux are offering two winter basket sizes, delivered every 2 weeks (12 deliveries in total) :

  • Small basket (2-3 people) : $26 per basket ($330 for the season)
  • Big basket (3-4 people) : $41 per basket ($510 for the season)

You can also order eggs, bread, meat, oils, maple syrup and flour as add-ons to your basket!


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