Needed: Washer and Dryer!

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The kitchen team is very excited to announce the construction of a new laundry room, a dream we have had since moving to our new location!

However, to make this dream come true we need your help!

We are looking for a gently used conventional washer and dryer. We have a small budget to purchase these but would be even more delighted if we received them as a donation. We are also willing to come pick them up if its on the island of Montreal!

Though we are so thankful to the many volunteers that have lugged our laundry to the local laundromat over the last few years, we will soon be able to wash all those aprons and hats right here at the Roulant!

So if you or someone you know could help complete our laundry room let us know. For more details contact Jeremie.

Check out our Wishlist to find out other items we are searching for on a regular basis.


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