Urban Agriculture Workshops for 2018

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Are you eager to get your hands dirty in the soil? Did you make a new year resolution to garden more in 2018?

Whatever your reasons are, a new year begins in urban agriculture at Santropol Roulant and with it, our educational urban agriculture workshop series open to all our community members.

The workshops will follow the arc of the season and will correspond with the needs of gardeners planting in their own gardens, on balconies and in community plots. Here’s what we have in store:

Starting your seedlings

March 7th and 15th – Learn how to start your own seedlings indoors before the warm weather comes. This workshop will be part theory and part hands-on. Participants will go home with their own trays of seedlings to get their seasons started. CLOSE.

Self-watering Containers

April 17th and 25th – Build your own self-watering container from scratch so that you can apply the principles to your very own container garden. From 18h00 to 20h00. CLOSE.

Gardening 101

May 22th and 30th – Learn (or get re-acquainted with) the aspects of gardening that you need to consider early on in the growing season. CLOSE.

Gardening 201

June 12th and 20th – Keep your garden healthy and free of pests and, as the season is well underway, learn to reap the fruits of your labour! CLOSE.

Insects: friends and foes

July 11th – In an organic garden, insects and other critters can be a blessing or a curse. Learn how to identify some common insects and understand the role they play in your garden. CLOSE.

Harvest workshops

August 14th and more! – As all our gardens slowly reach their peak of production, we’d love to have you join us in the Terrasses Roy for info sessions on How to Harvest.

Seed Saving workshop

September 19  – Dip your toes into the art and science of seed saving and prepare for the next season.


Dates TBD – Come learn how to master the nutrient cycle in your garden through composting. This workshop will take place in two sessions over a 6 – 8 week period in order to understand the different steps of the process.

For more information, contact Marie-Anne by email or call: 514-284-9335

Photo: Maya Bergeron Robitaille

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    1. Eloise Haliburton

      Hi Monique, the workshops you can see listed are only workshops we have offered in the past. You can sign up for our newsletter for updates on the current agricultural season!

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