Outdoor Film Screenings in the gardens


Join us on our rooftop garden this month for outdoor film screenings! We’ll be moving aside our self-watering containers and setting up a mini theatre to share some ground-breaking documentaries related to the ethics of agriculture. Come out to get cozy and learn more about the politics of our food systems.

Also, our space is now wheelchair accessible. And, all films will be accessible to both French and English speakers. Entry is a suggested $10 (PWYC) to support distributors and filmmakers. In case of rain, the screening will be moved inside.

Thursday, August 9th @ 8:15pm we will be showing THE FAMILY FARM directed by Ari A. Cohen:

In its journey across the majestic Canadian countryside, THE FAMILY FARM explores the diverse agricultural pursuits of earnest farm families, and serves as a window into the food production process that modern-day consumers have become estranged from. The film begins in Nova Scotia with egg farmer, Aaron Hiltz, who was confronted by the provincial egg board and asked to get rid of the majority of his flock. Hiltz’s story highlights the issues many farmers face and the flaws associated with what he considers an outdated system.

Friday, August 24th @ 8:15pm we will be showing THE FIGHT FOR TRUE FARMING directed by Ève Lamont:

In this documentary, crop and animal farmers in Quebec, the Canadian West, the US Northeast and France offer solutions to the social and environmental scourges of factory farming. Driven by the forces of globalization, rampant agribusiness is harming the environment and threatening the survival of farms. The proliferation of GMO crops is a further threat to biodiversity as well as to farmers’ autonomy. In Europe as well as North America, a current of resistance bringing together farmers and consumers insists that it is possible–indeed imperative–to grow food differently. The Fight for True Farming is a film of grim lucidity but also irrepressible hope.



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