Happy Trails to Our Summer Interns

Agriculture, Staff

September and the start of the school year have arrived. Our interns completed their contracts and are now back in school.

Émilie Lamoureux-Sproule, our intern at the Volunteer Coordination Program left for Toronto to learn documentary making. Her overflowing energy will be missed, but she assured us that she would come back to the Roulant in the future!

Vincent Lacharité-Laframboise, one of the Ferme du Roulant’s farm hand started the new urban agriculture program at Cégep de Victoriaville. His presence at the farm was really appreciated and his talent to handle the tiller will absolutely have to be replaced!

Erin Conway-Brown, also a farm hand at Ferme du Roulant went back to Concordia University to continue her Independent Study degree. Her sense of humour and her vegan superpowers (including the ability to never have a bad picture taken of her) were essential for the long hours of weeding.

Camille Delrieu, our last farm hand also went back to continue her degree in Social Work at UQAM. Her laugh and her great sense of initiative will be back next year.

Tess Fleet, our urban agriculture intern also went back to school after spending her summer in the rooftop gardens, on the Terrasses Roy and at the farm. With all her talents, Tess made a harvesting guide that will become a reference tool for the Roulant’s community!

Karine Cinq-Mars, our urban agriculture intern starts a Certificate in Social Work at Université de Montréal after spending her summer facilitating workshops, gardening and welcoming the volunteers of the Roulant. Her great openness and sense of community have enabled people of all ages and mobility levels to learn about gardening and urban agriculture.

Thank you all for your implication and we can’t wait to see you back in Santropol Roulant’s community.

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