Rocking Around the Roulant


November was a rocky month for the Roulant team. First of all, we would like to congratulate Gaëlle and Jean-François Fournier for their second child. Jean-François will be out on paternity leave until January.

Magali Casaubon already took the relay as Coordinator of the Meals-on-Wheels client community. Magali was the administrative manager of the Ferme du Roulant during the 2019 season and you probably met her during the Farmers’ Market.

We welcome Michael Heinermann as the new community cook. Michael studied music and alternatives to traditional food systems and is proud to join the kitchen team. Welcome Michael!

After 3 seasons at the farm, Julien Melanson will leave the Roulant for a music project in Toronto. He will certainly be back to fire off the dance floor at one of the famous Roulant dance party. Julien’s dedication and amazing adaptability made the Ferme du Roulant a staple of peri-urban agriculture in Montreal and in the province.

Finally, it is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Karine, the kitchen co-manager that worked at the Roulant for close to 5 years and will be leaving at the end of November. With energy, creativity and passion, Karine welcomed members of the community in the kitchen to prepare the meals, lead food cycling and food preservation shifts and organized and hosted the community kitchen workshops.

The whole team and the Roulant community wishes the best of luck to Julien and Karine in their next adventures!