Small Gestures, Big Impact: Give now to the Winter Campaign!


A moment of listening for a volunteer. Welcoming a neighbour on the farm. Adapting a recipe to suit the dietary restrictions of seniors. Sending a card to a community member we’re thinking of. Growing flowers that volunteers give to clients on delivery routes.

The Roulant community has always made big moves to change the relationship Montrealers have with their food, but also makes small, modest exchanges such as these every day, that improve the lives of many community members in great need.

You are all a part of these beautiful moments — they remind us just how essential your engagement is, and we hope it will remind you of the importance of Santropol Roulant’s work.

This year, you’ve helped us to inspire, influence, improve, welcome, bring together, celebrate, collaborate and teach. From the farm to the bike shop, community kitchens to conferences, volunteer shifts to staff meetings. 

As the season grows colder, and the risk of food insecurity increases, we ask you to renew your trust by committing financially to your community. 

By making a donation to the Roulant as part of the Winter Fundraising Campaign, you are building a caring and sustainable food future for Montrealers. 

Thank you for playing such an important role in this work. The community is stronger with you in it.

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