Santrovélo Fall News


Marika travaille sur son vélo dans un parc

Although the shop has remained closed over the past few months, our coordination committee has been busy working to adapt our services! Thanks to its dedication, we’ve developed a program that fits the current context. Instead of working in the shop – which is too small to provide for sufficient distancing – we have made our services mobile.

We’ve loaded the shop essentials into a trailer and we’re planning on making the most of the Autumn weather with one on one appointments in the park. We know that it’s been hard to manage bike repairs during the closure of Santrovélo and we’re very happy to be back on the scene!

If you’re interested in volunteering as a mechanic or booking a session with us, head over to our website to complete the necessary steps. We’ve added an extra component to prepare you for our COVID-19 regulations! 

Women, Trans* and Femme Day at Santrovélo

For the time being we will be sticking to one on one appointments to limit group activity. However, we’re aware of the gender barriers at play in the world of bike mechanics and we would like to continue providing specialized support to this community. 

We are therefore looking to recruit more femme or non-binary mechanics with the goal of fostering the resources to offer assistance by non-male volunteers for those that would be more comfortable learning in this context.

If you have are interested in taking part in this initiative please email and we’ll talk about ways we can include you – either as a mechanic or by mentorship if you’re looking to brush up on your skills. We’re passionate about making our services accessible across all genders and backgrounds, so achieving more gender-balance in our team is an aspect that we’d like to improve upon for the future.

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