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Des bénévoles de la Banque Nationale posent devant le magasin général

The Roulant would like to welcome back corporate partners for impactful team-building activities starting at the end of September—with some important changes to take note of in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Greater need than ever before

The need is greater than ever before to prepare and deliver meals to isolated seniors and people with a loss of autonomy in Montreal, all while keeping everyone—from clients to volunteers to staff—safe.

Since March, we’ve seen:

  • An increase in the number of meals being delivered 5 days per week to isolated people in need in Montreal
  • A decrease in the ability of many volunteers to continue to engage in volunteer shifts.

Our greatest need from corporate groups is for meal deliveries. These experiences have changed in order to ensure physical distance between volunteers, to ensure the safety of clients, and to accommodate the increased number of meals served on a daily basis:

  • Meal deliveries are done alone. This means that we are unfortunately unable to pair colleagues together, or pair participants with experienced Roulant volunteers. 
  • All participants must be comfortable lifting and carrying a Roulant delivery backpack that can weigh up to 25lbs, and navigating around the city on foot or by bicycle for 2-3 hours.
  • We can welcome a maximum of 3 participants per shift, but are happy to welcome you over the course of multiple days.

Update October 26: We are happy to resume team-building activities in the kitchen, with a maximum of 2 participants per shift.

The Solidarity Model

We ask you to deepen the impact of your team-building experience by making a minimum contribution to Santropol Roulant’s mission. Additionally, our Solidarity Sliding Scale model allows larger companies to determine their capacity to engage more deeply by making an additional tax-deductible donation, while allowing the activity to remain accessible to small businesses with lower financial capacity. Your contributions are invaluable in allowing our essential services and innovative programming to remain sustainable over the long-term!

More Ways to Engage

Looking for another way to contribute meaningfully to food security, social inclusion and community building in Montreal? Contact Melanie to develop a partnership that allows you to connect with your community, inspire your employees, and speak to your company’s values. Here are some ideas:

  • Make a corporate gift,
  • Start a workplace employee giving campaign or payroll giving program,
  • Plan a Third-party Fundraiser,
  • Contribute products, expertise or services,
  • And more!

Book your team-building activity or find out more about how to engage meaningfully with Santropol Roulant by connecting with Melanie by email or by phone at 514-284-9335.

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