Adapted Sanitary Measures


With the transition to the green zone for the Montreal metropolitan area, you may have seen an easing of some of the measures that have been in place since the beginning of the pandemic. Considering that the Roulant serves a more vulnerable population, we still have many barriers in place, but the experience of volunteering at the Roulant is nonetheless improving.

Updated: June 30 2021

Additional measures may be added without notice.

Building Access

  • The questionnaire is now the responsibility of the person entering the building. We ask that you do not enter the Roulant if you have symptoms, have been in contact with someone who has had symptoms, or have travelled;
  • Hand washing remains mandatory for anyone entering the Roulant, but hand sanitizer is acceptable;
  • Physical distancing remains mandatory in the space;
  • Access to the Roulant may be restricted depending on the time of day, but visits are now permitted. Do not hesitate to call us at 514-284-9335 to confirm.


  • Wearing a procedure mask (provided by the Roulant) is mandatory;
  • The number of volunteers will gradually increase as a new ventilation system is put in place.

Urban Agriculture

  • Volunteers may enter through the front door;
  • Wearing of mask is mandatory inside at all times;
  • Wearing of mask outside recommended if distancing cannot be achieved;
  • The main washroom is now accessible.

Deliveries Preparation

  • Wearing a mask remains mandatory in the Roulant’s space;
  • Distancing yourself while waiting for your delivery bag is still mandatory;
  • Volunteers prepare their bags with a team member;
  • The cake tray will be replaced by packaged desserts that volunteers can take at the end of their shift.


  • Duo deliveries will be able to resume, both by active transport and by car;
  • For volunteers in cars, we ask that a window be opened and that the passenger be seated in the back;
  • Volunteers will leave meals in a plastic bag outside, limiting contact with clients;
  • The measures for cleaning delivery bags remain in place.


  • The activities of the collectives have resumed in person and virtually.


  • We encourage you to get vaccinated or to get your second dose sooner;
  • The Roulant will not require proof of vaccination at this time.