So Long, Dear Friends


The journeys of every member of our team illustrates the Roulant’s occasional role as a stepping stone for the people of our community. Amongst ourselves, we speak lovingly of the Roulant as an educational experience, or as a laboratory of sorts.

Thus, Eloise, Jamiey and Jean-François, who have given their all with so much generosity over the years, will henceforth be pursuing their professional journeys beyond the Roulant. Though they won’t be straying far.

We wished to celebrate them here by looking back on each of their paths. 

Eloise Haliburton

Since July 2021, Eloise has been a core part of our fundraising team, drafting funding proposals, composing countless thank you cards, and animating Roulant events. She also lent her energy and talent to the kitchen for a few months at the height of the pandemic. Eloise can pride herself on her profound insightfulness, her understanding of the power of words and her deep sense of commitment. Her extraordinary sense of humor will be sorely missed by her colleagues. Eloise will continue to focus on social inclusion and healthy food systems in her future projects.

Jamiey Kelly

Jamiey’s path as the director of Human Resources can be characterized by the completion of colossal projects over the course of a mere four years. We owe the major reforms to many of Santropol Roulant’s policies to him: Safer Spaces, health and safety, Human Resources, remuneration… 

His innovative and enterprising spirit  also led him to modernize our day-to-day and operations,  improving with each of his new measures the efficiency of the Roulant and its staff. His leadership and capacity to juggle the many uncertainties of pandemic operations were such a blessing. His magic will be missed, and his dedication to the Roulant community even more so. We are glad to know that Jamiey’s journey as an expert of Human Resources will continue on at the McConnell Family Foundation.

Jean-François Veilleux

Many of you keep in touch with us through our publications. It’s therefore Jean-François’s voice you will have heard the most during the past three years he was in charge of the Roulant’s communications.
With passion and flare, Jean-François was able to connect with the Roulant community, filling his tone with levity to make you laugh, or with earnestness when it came to taking a political stance.

He skillfully accompanied the Roulant throughout the technological transition imposed onto us by the pandemic, particularly for our events.  He also brought the first GoPro camera to film an uncut stroll through the fields in Senneville, in order to bring the farm into the homes of community members.

From now on, Jean-François will be taking over communications for the Table de Concertation des organismes au service des personnes réfugiées et immigrantes.

Until we meet all three of you again, in your new roles, and thank you so much ❤️

Virginie, Pier, and the whole Roulant community