JEDI: The Roulant’s Journey Continues

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In the last months the Roulant has taken some big steps on the importance of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI).

Working with Julie Savaria, we conducted an analysis of our staff demographics and shared that back with staff. As they say, if you want to improve something, you’ve got to measure it! Following that exercise, Julie sat down with the Directors and we worked on articulating a vision and a mission statement, specifically focused on justice, equity diversity and inclusion. These drafts were shared with staff who helped fine tune them!

JEDI Mission Statement

“As an organization that is established and well-resourced, Santropol Roulant uses its privilege to include and amplify the voice of traditionally marginalized communities, and in doing so educate ourselves and the wider community about anti-racism and anti-oppression. Santropol Roulant believes that making the food system more healthy and sustainable means ending socioeconomic inequity.”

JEDI Vision Statement

“Santropol Roulant actively works to build a caring and inclusive community where everyone is treated as a gift, and we do so by holding up and sharing anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices. With our desire to welcome and embrace intercultural differences and intergenerational connections, we envision a healthy and sustainable food system, free from socioeconomic inequities.”

We took a look at our policies and practices with a specific lens on diversity and inclusion. With that in mind we drafted anti-racism and whistleblowing policies which are in the works and will be approved in 2022. We also created a new staff-led committee called the Persistent Woodpeckers who will work together to engage staff members around educational opportunities and braver conversations, helping us peck away at becoming the anti-racist and anti-oppressive organizations we seek to be.

The journey continues.  

Jamiey & Pier