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The Bugs of Organic Certification

Agriculture, Featured, Politics

After landing on a sunflower, the round, scarlet ladybugs eats hundreds of aphids, which would otherwise suck the sap from the plants until the plant dies. The leaf beetle, with its yellow and black striped body, settles comfortably in a squash flower, plotting a plan to eat what would normally have fed our long awaited cucurbit. Since 2012, the Ferme …

Collaborating According to our Values

Featured, Fundraising, Politics

Corporate Partnerships Santropol Roulant partners with up to 120 companies each year. Most of these are large, local companies with more than 50 employees. In the usual pre-pandemic context, this number grows slightly on average, year over year.  A vast majority of collaborations take place through team building activities, a very popular way to bring employees together to have a …

Our First Statements


Santropol Roulant is embarking on something new: we are experimenting with positioning ourselves politically. As an organization that has served Montrealers in need for more than 26 years, we know that our work is tied to what’s happening around us. While we do not endorse a particular party or candidate, we have beliefs that influence our work and we’ve decided …